Welcome to the WebShopApps Wiki. We are the largest provider of Magento Shipping extensions in the world, having serviced thousands of customers. We have over 100 extensions in our portfolio, many of them not listed on Magento Connect. If you are in any confusion as to which extension is best for you then please do not hesitate to contact us and check out our website.


This Wiki is designed to assist you with understanding, installing & configuring our extensions. We provide full customer service to our clients, having a team of 8 staff to deal with your questions. We would encourage you to take the time to look at the area of interest to you, as commonly many questions can be answered around installation, configuration via the wiki.

The main areas of the Wiki are:

  • Installation - around how to install & setup our extensions on Magento

  • Configuration - This is typically found within each extension. Covers how to setup the extension for your particular scenario

  • Examples - We provide lots of real life examples to help fast track your setup. Definitely worth a look as most requirements we see are covered in one or a combination of these

  • Screencasts/Walkthroughs - These will help you out if trying to understand our extensions or want an example setup to follow

  • Troubleshooting - Common problems seen are covered here

Any feedback on the usefulness and user friendliness of this Wiki will be most welcomed - we are constantly striving to improve things for our customers so hints and tips on what works well or what could be better would be much appreciated!