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Note: Many of these issues are resolved by following the Walkthrough/Configuration documentation we provide to the book. Please read thoroughly and carefully

Common reasons the extension will not work after installation:

  1. Incorrect serial key. Obtain the correct server_name from your store using our instructions here.
  2. Uploaded to the wrong location. Upload the app directory from src to root Magento directory.
  3. Permissions for the extension are incorrect. Chmod extension directory to 755 recursively.
  4. SQL failed. Go to the core_resource table and drop the entry for our extension e.g. productmatrix_setup. Refresh the frontend with cache switched off. See here.
  5. Incorrect Magento version was uploaded giving SQLSTATE[42S02] error. Upload the correct M1.x extension version and refresh with cache switched off. See here.
  6. Forgotten to refresh the indexes. Giving an error SQLSTATE[42S22]. Refresh all indexes in `index management`. See here.
  7. Incompatible version or conflict. Giving an error Fatal Error: Call To A Member Function getId() On A Non-Object In app/code/core/Mage/Tax/Model/Calculation.php on line 211. Contact us for an updated version.
  8. Extension conflict. Tells: white screen; half page loading or something missing on load. See here.

Common configuration mistakes during setup:

  1. Attributes have not been defined. The groups associated to your products have not been created yet. Read here about attributes and how to setup. See here.
    • Attributes not assigned to every attribute set. Only assigned to the `default` set on initial install.
  2. Incorrect CSV format. For whatever reason - the CSV format is not correct. We recommend using Calc to manipulate the tables and to always save in the original format. See here.