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ABF Freight




This shipping extension interacts with the ABF Freight API to return live ABF rates. Using your account details you can get discounted rates returned based on the weight and class of your items. 

Provides facilities to
  • Set the minimum weight at which Freight Rates are calculated
  • Set a maximum shipping cost
  • Assign freight classes (NMFC) on a per product basis
  • Assign a default freight class. 
  • Optionally only display freight rates when weight criteria met (E.g. do not show UPS as well)
  • Optionally only display freight rates when freight items are in cart (e.g. if one freight item in cart then ship all via freight)

Supports following accessory charges

  • Hazardous materials
  • Lift-gate on delivery
  • Residential on delivery

Interested in this extension?

Head over to our landing page for ABF Freight today !