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  • Extension installation instructions «HERE» 

  • Within 'Configuration?Payment Methods' you should have a payment method available called "Cash on Delivery" 

  • Enable this extension

Configuration - Basic

The Cash on Delivery calculation can be made in various ways. Here are the options:

  • Minimum Fee only

  • Percentage Fee only

  • Minimum Fee and Percentage Fee

  • Higher of Minimum Fee and Percentage Fee (set “Add both Percent and Minimum Fee to No”) 

Additionally the Percentage fee can optionally be calculated including the shipping cart cost - “Include Shipping in COD Calculation”.

When tax is applicable the COD charge is calculated such that it is a tax inclusive price, i.e. if you set the flat fee to $5 and VAT is 15% then you will see $4.35 displayed as the COD charge, then tax is added to make $5.

To display COD as a payment method you must have either a default fee or default percentage set (even if  it is 0).

Configuration - Complex

It is also possible to configure the Cash on Delivery extension using a csv file. This will give you the flexibility to configure rates based on one or more of the following: 

  • Country 

  • Region/State 

  • Cart Subtotal 

  • Cart weight


  • Shipping Method - this must be the shipping description field. You can verify this under the Shipping and Handling Information of an existing order e.g.  " Free Shipping - Free". See screenshot below



If no rates can be matched then the extension will defer to the custom rates in admin. If you do not wish to show rates when no rates are matched in the csv then please ensure fee, percentage and custom text are blank in admin.

Payment Method Configuration

  1. Open Magento Admin

  2. Navigate to “Configuration?Payment Methods”

  3. Enable the payment method

  4. Select the ‘Condition’ you require.

  5. Save Configuration

Table Configuration

Within the extension examples directory are a number of csv files – you may want to use one of these as a template. The csv format is as follows: 

Field Name



ISO3 Country code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all. Multiple countries can be present on a single row (e.g. “GBR,FRA”)


Defined region code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all.

Weight >

Starting weight at which COD rate applies. Default is * for all

Weight <=

Ending weight at which this COD rate applies. Default is * for all

Price >

Starting price at which this COD rate applies. Default is '*' for all

Price <=

Ending price at which this COD rate applies. Default is '*' for all

Shipping Method

The full text of the Shipping Method to match (e.g. “Flat Rate – Fixed”). It is a combination of the Shipping Method title and the method chosen. To see correct examples, look at the shipping and handling information in an existing order. This is case-sensitive.


Flat fee (actual meaning depends on if percentage present and/or if combination of flat and percentage is configured in admin)


Percentage fee

Custom Text

Text describing this Cash On Delivery rate, as shown to the customer in onepage checkout and estimator, e.g. “Incurs a 4% Surcharge”



Please Note: At present there is no support for calculating the Cash on Delivery charge for orders entered manually in the Admin panel.