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  • Generic extension installation instructions can be found here

  • Within 'Configuration->Shipping Methods' you should have a shipping method available called "Customer Rate" 

Shipping Method Configuration

  1. Open Magento Admin

  2. Navigate to “Configuration->Shipping Methods”

  3. Enable the shipping method

  4. Select the ‘Conditions’ you require.

  5. Save Config

  6. Upload your csv table. Instructions can be found here 

    • The section covering setup of the table is below
  7. Ensure your products are setup correctly according to the rules in the csv file

  8. You should then see the appropriate shipping rates appear on the front end upon checkout

Note: For Google Checkout Integration see here

Table Configuration

Table columns at your disposal :

Field Name



ISO3 Country code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all. Multiple countries can be present on a single row (e.g. “GBR,FRA”)


Defined region code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all.


Defined city. Use ‘*’ for all.

Zip/Postal code from

Zipcode search criteria. If using numeric ranges then set this to the number you wish the search to start from. If using pattern matching then set this to the pattern you require. See below for

more details on patterns available

Zip/Postal code to

Only relevant if you are searching for purely numeric postcode

ranges. Please ensure that “Use Zipcode to/from range” is set, otherwise this column is ignored.

Weight from

Starting weight at which this shipping rate applies

Weight to

Ending weight at which this shipping rate applies

Price from

Starting price at which this shipping rate applies

Price to

Ending price at which this shipping rate applies

Item From

Starting #items at which this shipping rate applies

Item To

Ending #items at which this shipping rate applies

Customer Group

Customer group that rate applies to e.g. NOT LOGGED IN, General, Wholesale

Shipping Price

Price of shipping, or percentage of order subtotal (e.g 50 = 50%)


Can be ORDER, ITEM, ITEMORDER , %= and/or w=, and specifies if rate is per order, per item, per item & order combined, percentage of subtotal (excl tax)

w= is used to specify the additional cost per unit of weight e.g. w=1@0.30 would specify that for every 1 unit over the weight from field add 0.30 to the shipping price.

When % is used the value is added to the base shipping price, and then the total is compared to minimum.

To use %= and w= in same row use & as separator e.g. %=50&w=1@0.3

Minimum/Base Price

Minimum price to apply – this is used for percentage totalling where you want a minimum shipping charge

When using ITEMORDER algorithm this is the order price to charge (shipping price is the per item price)

Delivery Type

Text describing this shipping rate, as shown to the customer in onepage checkout and estimator, e.g. “Via 24-48 Courier”


Up to 255 chars to store any notes you may have

Additional Configuration Options 

The following additional configuration is possible with Customer Rate:
  • Ability to calculate shipping based on tax inclusive cart price

  • Global Free Shipping Minimum order amount (also able to configure this on a per country/state/etc basis using a long format csv file)

  • Option to change error message output when no rates found (or not display any at all)

  • Option to add a handling fee

  • Remove virtual/downloadable products from the cart subtotal used on calculation

This is all managed within the shipping method configuration.