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Dropship OnePage Checkout


The Dropship Onepage extension provides functionality to support multiple warehouses/vendors in Magento. It allows you to split your products into different shipping groups (warehouses), then define the shipping methods that apply for that warehouse.

There is the facility to then show the customer either merged shipping rates so they are oblivious to the different warehouses, or alternatively show a breakdown of rates on a per warehouse basis, and let the customer select shipping options for each.

A single order will be created. 

Features include

  • Multi-origin support 

  • Ability to mark certain items as being shipped separately, and calculate shipping based on this 

  • Estimator rates available via merging of rates from different warehouses 

  • Item/Shipping Breakdown for each warehouse shown in checkout optionally 

  • Optionally show merged rates so customer unaware of different underlying warehouses 

  • Automatic sending of email to warehouse/supplier on order creation

Optional add-ons

  • Support for nearest warehouse functionality allowing products to be assigned to more than one warehouse, and the appropriate warehouse selected automatically according to nearest to shipping location 

Future Enhancements

  • Shipping to multiple addresses is not currently supported – contact us if you require this functionality expedited

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