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Estes Freight



Provides live Estes Freight rates.

Provides facilities to:

  • Set the minimum weight at which Freight Rates are calculated 
  • Set a maximum shipping cost 
  • Assign freight classes (NMFc's) on a per product basis 
  • Assign a default freight class 
  • Optionally only display Freight Rates when weight criteria met (e.g. do not show UPS as well) 
  • Optionally only display Freight Rates when freight items are in cart (e.g. if one freight item in cart then ship all via Freight)

Supports following Accessorial Charges:
  • Liftgate on Delivery 
  • Residential, Business, Limited access, Secure location on Delivery
  • Notify on Delivery 

We can add more accessorial charges and adaptations – contact us with your requirements.

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