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  1.  Extension installation instructions can be found <HERE>
  2. Under System->Configuration->Shipping Methods you should have a tab called 'WebShopApps Fastway Couriers'



In order to use the Fastway Extension you need an API key from Fastway. You can sign up via their website.

Extension Configuration

To configure Fastway Couriers extension
  1. Go to System->Configuration->Shipping Methods

  2. Open WebShopApps Fastway Couriers tab

  3. Set enabled to 'Yes'

  4. Set the Fastway sender depot to your local Fastway depot

  5. Specify the weight units you have used in the product catalog

  6. If you have products that can be shipped in satchels, you can display either the satchel rate only or display the satchel and road rate for satchel products. When the cart weight is above the weight limit for satchels, only the standard road rates with be displayed. If you do not use satchels, set this to No Satchels

  7. Set all other options as required

  8. Save changes