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  • Extension installation instructions «HERE»

  • Within 'Configuration→Shipping Settings' you should have a new configuration area called "Webshopapps Freight Common"

Shipping Method Configuration

  1. Open Magento Admin

  2. Navigate to “Configuration→Shipping Settings”

  3. Set the rest of the configuration as required, see below for a description of each option

  4. Save config

Display Criteria

 Effect  Default Value
 Default NMFC Class If a product isn't assigned to a freight id in the product listing under shipping, this value will be used.
 Minimum Weight
The weight at which a freight method can be displayed from.
 Maximum Package Weight
Weight the freight carriers will ship to. 
 Only display when weight threshold is reached
If the cart exceeds the minimum weight should we just show freight or also show standard methods like UPS or FedEx for example.
 Only display when freight item is in the cart
If there's a freight item in the cart (defined by having a freight class id on the product listing) should be show just freight or also show standard carriers.
 Always display these carriers
Always show these carriers regardless of above rules. Might be useful for a store pickup option for example.


This area is for configuring your accessory charges such as liftgate requirements, residential/commercial addresses etc.

 Option Effect     
Default Value
 Calculate live accessorial charges
 Should we go to the freight carrier to get the rates for accessories
 Flat liftgate fee
 If the customer chooses a liftgate charge this fee
 Flat residential fee
 If the customer is residential charge this fee
 Always add business fee
 Adds the business fee you define and hides the option at checkout
 Always add liftgate fee
 Adds the liftgate fee you define and hides the option at checkout
 Always add scheduled appointment fee
 Adds the scheduled appointment free and hides the option at checkout. Please note, this option only works for freight extensions with the scheduled appointment fee (eg. Echo Freight)
 Hazardous  Do you delivery hazardous items
 Liftgate required at pickup
 Do you need a liftgate capability at your premises (origin)
 Residential pickup
 Are your premises (origin) residential
 Set default address type to business
 The default option is set to business on the checkout
 Set liftgate to yes by default
 The liftgate option is checked by default on the checkout