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  • Extension installation instructions «HERE» 

  • Within 'Configuration→Shipping Methods' you should have a shipping method available called "Freight Rate" 

Shipping Method

  1. Open Magento Admin

  2. Navigate to “Configuration→Shipping Methods”

  3. Enable the shipping method

  4. Set the rest of the configuration as required

  5. Modify disclaimer text as appropriate

  6. Save Config


Configurable option on Freight Rate admin page:

 Enabled  Switch ON/OFF the extension.
 Serial Key  Extension Authentication - Must always be present. Will blank out if serial key not accepted.
 Title  Shipping Method Name e.g. Parcels Direct.
 Disclaimer text  You can display a message to the customer about freight items when specific products are in the cart.
 Add residential surcharge to all other methods if freight item is present  You can choose whether to show a rate on any remaining non-freight items when a freight is also in the cart (eg. charge $10 for UPS Shippable goods and advise the customer that the rest will be shipped via freight, or just charge $0 and calculate Freight post-sale). 
 Minimum order value to display freight rates  Show Freight Rates as an additional option when the cart value meets the minimum order value specified (eg. when the cart is over $100 offer freight, or just charge $0 and calculate freight post-sale).
 Disable all other rates when min order value met  Show only Freight Rates when the cart meets the minimum order value
 Customer group applies to  Limit Freight display based on the customer group (eg. only show Freight option to wholesalers).

Product listing

If you want to mark an item as not shippable so that the Freight message pops up then you need to do this on the product listing

  1. Open product listing
  2. Select shipping tab
  3. Set Freight to Yes
  4. Save