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  • Generic extension installation instructions can be found here

Theme Changes

In order to send out emails with your tracking the following file in the default theme has been modified:
  • app\design\frontend\base\default\template\email\order\shipment\track.phtml
  • If this file exists in your theme, you will need to merge the changes with your file (in most cases this will be a simple replace).
  • If the file doesn't exist in your theme, replace the file mentioned in point 1.
  • Display shipping methods in admin - you should now see 5 new methods called WebShopApps Tracker 1-5


In the shipping methods you now have the ability to define 5 tracking methods and their URLs.
This can be done on a per store basis.

You will need to use a tag to mark the tracking number – for example:

  • http://www.parcelforce.com/portal/pw/track?trackNumber=#TRACKNUM#
  • #TRACKNUM# will be replaced by the extension with the number entered in the Shipment information for each order.
  • It is important that the URL contains "http://" to function correctly as a web link
  • Once defined within Order Management you will be able to select one of the Trackers you have setup and enter a number. This is usually done when you ship the item.

Thereafter in admin you can track the order, the customer will receive in their email a tracking number and hyperlink to track the order, plus the customer can track their orders within their Account Dashboard on Magento.

Below shows how the emails will look:

Tracking URLs

When purchased a list of known tracking urls is included. These include:
  • Parcelforce

  • APC

  • Royal Mail