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Handling Fees Matrix


This extension allows you to apply variable handling rates to items in the cart. These handling rates can vary according to:

  1. Destination country/state/city/zip

  2. Product or Product Group

  3. Price and/or #Items

  4. Delivery Type (zipped version 5.2)


It is not a shipping method itself, it works with other shipping methods to produce the rates.

For example you could apply a handling rate of $10 for a Bike, $15 for 2 Bikes, or $30 if the Bikes are being shipped to Alaska.

It is possible to specify a handling rate for:

  1. Each item

  2. Each order

  3. Each item in a specific product group

  4. Each set of items in a specific product group

  5. Percentage of total cart

  6. Percentage of total for items in a particular product group

Management of rates is via a csv which is uploaded to the database.

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