• Extension installation instructions «HERE» 

  • Within 'Configuration→Shipping Settings' you should have a "Shipping Handling" 

Shipping Method Configuration

  1. Enable Shipping Handling

  2. Set maximum handling cost and default handling cost as required

  3. Save Config

  4. Check attribute sets have Shipping Group and 3 added attributes present – handling_price, handling_is_percent & handling_addon – (Note:If you have more than the Default attribute set you will need to amend these sets to have the Shipping Group and associated attributes)

  5. Add handling prices to products as specified below 

  6. Run a test to ensure that the handling rates are being added to the shipping price – the easiest way to do this is either to enable/disable the method and see the difference or to setup flat rate shipping to have a cost of 0 per order 

Product Configuration

  1. Open a product

  2. Select Shipping Tab

  3. Enter Handling price
  4. Enter additional item value & indicate if this should be treated as a price or percentage

  5. Choose whether to add handling when shipping price is zero (e.g. if you offer a pickup option may not want to add handling in this case)

Handling Additional Items 

The default configuration is to add all the handling prices together for each product in the cart, and where the customer has added the same item more than once the handling price for this product is multiplied by quantity. 

It is possible to change this behavior, you can use the handling_addon and handling_is_percent attributes installed as part of the extension to do this. 

handling_add_on is the price or percentage you wish to charge on additional products. E.g. if you set the handling price for Product A to be $5, and the add on price to be $1 then a customer with 3*Product A in cart will be charge $7. 

handling_is_percent is used to say whether a percentage of the handling price is used on subsequent items in the cart. So if set to yes and you have a handling_add_on of 10 then a customer with 3*Product A in cart would be charged $6. 

Maximum Handling Cost 

Within the Shipping Handling shipping settings you can set an overall maximum handling cost. If empty it will be ignored. 

Default Shipping Cost 

It is possible to set a default flat rate handling cost which applies if no products in the cart have a handling price defined for them. 

Need more functionality? 

  • If you find that you want to charge different handling costs on a per destination basis, or on other criteria such as weight, price, customer group, etc, you may find the Handling Matrix extension a good option.