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Magento Invoicing


Smart, Professional Magento Invoices, Packing Slips and Credit Memos. Integrated support for printed shipping labels on your invoices and packing slips!

Includes facilities for:

  • Automatically sending the invoice as a PDF with each order email.
  • Include a graphical or text logo on every document at the top left, centre or right of the page.
  • Set the font size of many parts of your documents.
  • Include a header and footer.
  • Show page numbers at the top of the page.
  • Show customers gift message on the invoice or shipment.
  • Support of all product types within Magento.
  • Show your web address, email, telephone number and two custom fields.
  • Include upto two automatically generated shipping labels on each invoice and/or packing slip.
  • Add postage paid impressions to your shipping labels.
  • Include free text on your invoices.

Supports all product types including simple, bundled, configurable, downloadable, virtual.

Future Enhancements

  • Not all areas of this powerful extension are documented yet. We think if you knew just how many features are capable you might explode with joy - so hang in there!

  • We are happy to provide enhancements to this extension but we cannot commit to any time-scales for implementation. We can arrange expedited enhancements for additional cost

Interested in this extension?

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