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Generic installation instructions can be found here 
After the extension has been uploaded you may wish to disable the cache in Magento (System > Cache Management) if it has not already been done and logging out and back into the administration to refresh and execute the new additions to your instance. You will find the following new areas to explore:
  • Webshopapps Matrix Days - under > System > Configuration > Shipping Methods
    This is the general configuration of the extension and when you change configuration scope you can upload the CSV there.

  • Webshopapps Delivery Date Shipping - under > Catalog
    This is the delivery slot configuration which allows you to define base rates for times and number of deliveries allocated.




To configure Matrix Days navigate to the shipping method configuration page in System > Configuration > Shipping Methods.

Under the Time Slots  section you should define the default shipping price (usually set to 0 so that this can be defined in the CSV) and default number of delivery slots per time. Then enter the descriptions of the time slots e.g. `Before 9am`.

Available Timeslots

Under the Delivery Date Calculation section you should set the cutoff time - orders that are placed after this time are considered to made on the next day. E.g. `15:00`. Another important aspect is the Production Days, which is the number of days from the order date that the delivery can be available. I.e. setting this value to `1` will allow days to be fulfilled the next day.

The blackout days are days considered to be days exempt from delivery. It is worth experimenting with these days to see their effects, particularly if you intend to use the blackout on production days. Generally speaking, it will offset the delivery if the blackout day falls on or between the time the order was placed and the delivery days available.

Delivery Slot Configuration

Now that the defaults have been set you should go to Catalog > Webshopapps Delivery Date Shipping to define the structure of the weekly deliveries.

For each of the slots:
  • Add Timeslot and adjust any of the baserates (note that these can be defined via the CSV) and the slots allocated to each time. Then save.

Field Name Description
Number of rates to show at checkout
This allows you to control the number of shipping rates that are shown up on the front end checkout page (only when you have selected 'Display as Ajax calendar' selected in Matrix Days Options). 30 is the maximum number of rates that can be selected however you may not get 30 rates returned depending on your CSV file and Matrix Days settings.

CSV Configuration

The remaining part to complete in order to see any rates returned is to upload a valid CSV file.
IMPORTANT: The D algorithm (day offset for first available delivery) should always be present in the CSV file e.g. D=0 for the day beginning from 0

How to upload a CSV file

To do this go back to the extension shipping method configuration and change the configuration scope to the website. You will then see the import browser appear to which you can locate your CSV and click `save config` to upload into the database. Any errors in the file will be thrown at the top of the page and you can google on these for fast resolution.

As this extension works in much the same way as ProductMatrix you can refer to its documentation for CSV documentation and more information about how MatrixDays itself is setup for CSV can be found on the main page.

  • An example CSV is shown below to help get you started.


Main Configuration

Matrix Days is controlled by a combination of the delivery slot configuration and a CSV file. 
In order to set up the CSV file is is necessary to understand the various criteria you have control over. Many of these may be irrelevant to you, if so use the defaults suggested. 

Firstly you need to decide what condition you need to base your shipping on. This is set within the shipping method configuration. For 95% of extension users this will be `Per Package Totalling`.

The shipping extension works on a `Best Match` basis. This means it will look for the tightest match first, then work backwards if none can be found. For example if you have 2 rows in the CSV, 1 with country code of `US` and one with ` * `, then a customer from the US will match on the US row, and a customer from UK will match on the
` * ` row. 

Table Configuration

Within the extension examples directory are a number of CSV files – you may want to use one of these as a template.

The format is as follows:

Field Name Description
Country ISO3 Country code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all. Multiple countries can be present on a single row (e.g. “GBR,FRA”)
Region/State Defined region code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all.
City Defined city. Use ‘*’ for all.
Zip/Postal code from Zipcode search criteria. If using numeric ranges then set this to the number you wish the search to start from. If using pattern matching then set this to the pattern you require. See below for
more details on patterns available
Zip/Postal code to Only relevant if you are searching for purely numeric postcode
ranges. Please ensure that “Use Zipcode to/from range” is set, otherwise this column is ignored.
Weight from Starting weight at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all
Weight to Ending weight at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all
Price from Starting price at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all
Price to Ending price at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all
Item from Starting #items at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all
Item to Ending #items at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all
Shipping Price Price of shipping
Display On The days when this shipping method can be displayed to the customer – 1=Monday, 7=Sunday. So for example if you want to show Saturday Delivery as an option on a Friday only then you would have a row with a price for Saturday Delivery and set the Display on Column to 5 (Friday).
Algorithm See Section below on Algorithm Options
Delivery Type Text describing this shipping rate, as shown to the customer in onepage checkout and estimator, e.g. “Via 24-48 Courier”
Sort order Defines order of rate output , from lowest to highest

Unlike standard MatrixRate the from/to fields are working on basis of >= from and =< to e.g. from 0 to 5 would mean anything greater or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 5.

When used with sort order field you can change ordering of output from default of lowest->highest price to whatever you want.

Admin Configuration

This extension has the capability to calculate the expected dispatch and expected delivery dates, given criteria in admin and csv file. The table below defines the admin configuration for this particular part of the extension:

Name Example Description
Cutoff-time 13:00:00 Defines the cut-off period before an order is pushed into being managed the next day
Production Days 4 The amount of days before an order is dispatched
Blackout Production Days Saturday, Sunday The days of week which are not counted as a production day.
Blackout Production Days 24/12/2010,01/01/2011 The dates which are not counted as production days, e.g. bank holidays
Blackout Delivery Dates Sunday Days when items cannot be delivered
Blackout Delivery Days 24/12/2010,01/01/2011 The dates which are not counted as delivery days, e.g. bank holidays
Information text line 1   Your product is finished (ready for delivery) on %END_DATE%. Optional text to display to user. You can use the field %END_DATE% which will be replaced by day product is ready for dispatch.
Information text line 2   Dear Customer, we need %PROD_DAYS% days for production. Optional text to display to use.r You can use the field %PROD_DAYS% which will be replaced by amount of production days
Show information text   Yes If set to Yes will display Information lines 1&2 above to customer in shipping estimator and checkout pages
Date format D M j Y The way to show dates to customer



Algorithm Options

The algorithm field in the csv can be used for a variety of circumstances, depending on your needs. It supports the following:


Name Example Description
W W=1000@.90 Set additional cost per unit of weight e.g. for every additional 1000 over the weight from field that the cart weight is 90 cents will be added to shipping price.
v V=500@0.35 Set additional cost per unit of volume e.g. for every additional 1000 over the volume from field that the cart weight is 90 cents will be added to shipping price.
I I=10 Specify an additional item price e.g. for each additional item over item from field add $10
D D=1
Defines the number of days after dispatch before item is delivered. If present will work out the delivery date and display to the customer. E.g. D=1 for next working day, D=3 for 3 working days. If left blank it will not show date information to the customer
O O=6

Defines the day which this rate applies to. E.g. to restrict a delivery type to just Saturday Delivery then set to o=6. If this is set then the rate will only show for deliveries on a Saturday.

Currently only one day per row is supported, and the line must also have the D= set prior to this e.g. D=1&o=6.

BD BD=1 or BD=1-3
Allows you to set blackout days in the CSV file. This could be used if for example you need to define multiple regions and each region receives deliveries on one or a group of specifc dates. I.e Paris recieves deliveries on just Tuesday would be represented with BD=3-7&BD=1. Notice how we can stack the range and single day options together.
Slot slot=1
This allows you to tie specific rules/methods/prices to a delivery slot. E.g If you have a slot called "AM" which is assigned to slot 1 and you want to offer a method called expedited for AM deliveries you can do this using this algorithm.
cut_off cut_off=15:00
Specify a cutoff time in the CSV file. If there's multiple cutoff times found, for example when you have more than one shipping group, then the earliest cutoff time is found and used globally.
append append=(1-2 Business Days)
The text specified here adds text to the selected delivery method. For example, "Next Day - AM" becomes "Next Day - AM (1-2 Business Days)". This can only be applied when the grid has not been enabled.
sameday sameday=true
This allows you to make a specific shipping method appear the same day only. Without this a shipping method with D=0 will appear every will appear every consecutive day

You can push multiple algorithms together using the &, e.g. d=3&w=1000@0.90.

Additional Configuration Options

The following additional configuration is possible with Matrix Days:

  • Ability to calculate shipping based on tax inclusive cart price

  • Global Free Shipping Minimum order amount
    (also able to configure this on a per country/state/etc basis using a long format csv file)

  • Option to change error message output when no rates found (or not display any at all)

  • Option to add a handling fee

  • Remove virtual/downloadable products from the cart subtotal used on calculation

  • Exclude certain regions/conditions by setting shipping price to -1; this is particularly useful if you want to include most rates by exclude just a few

This is all managed within the shipping method configuration.