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The module can now be installed via Magento Connect. Details can be found «HERE»

It is highly recommended to backup your server files and database before installing this module. No responsibility can be taken for any adverse effects it may cause. It is also recommended you install on a test server initially to carry out your own testing. 

Getting Started with Admin 

    1.    Refresh Cache 

    2.    Within ‘Configuration->Shipping Methods’ you should have a shipping method available called “Webshopapps Matrix Rates” 

    3.    Enable Webshopapps Matrix Rates 

    4.    Set values as appropriate 

    5.    Save Config 
    6.    Change ‘Current Configuration Scope’ to be the Main Website (or your website view) 

    7.    You should now see an import button box appear with a browse box in Matrix Rates. 

    8.    Browse to a CSV file. Details of CSV file configuration can be found below 

    9.    Save the config to upload the CSV. Any errors in the CSV will be reported here 

    10.    If using zipcode numeric ranges then set “Use Zipcode To/From” range to yes (see below for more info on this) 

    11.    Ensure your products are setup correctly according to rules in CSV file 

    12.    You should then see the appropriate shipping rates appear on the front end upon checkout

Applying Criteria

In order to set up the csv file is is necessary to understand the various criteria you have control over. Many of these may be irrelevant to you, if so use the defaults suggested.

The shipping extension works on a “Best Match” basis. This means it will look for the tightest match first, then work backwards if none can be found. For example if you have 2 rows in the csv, 1 with country code of “US” and one with “*”, then a customer from the US will match on the US row, and a customer from UK will match on the “*” row.

Table Configuration

From version 2.0. of the extension there are 2 different length csv files supported. One is 7 columns, the other 9 columns. The 7 column csv is only supported for backwards compatibility reasons, and as such is no longer documented.

The CSV file consists of 9 fields:

Field Name





ISO3 Country code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all.



Defined region code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all.



Defined city. Use ‘*’ for all.

Zip/Postal code from


Zipcode search criteria. If using numeric ranges then set this to the number you wish the search to start from. If using pattern matching then set this to the pattern you require. See below for

more details on patterns available

Zip/Postal code to


Only relevant if you are searching for purely numeric postcode

ranges. Please ensure that “Use Zipcode to/from range” is set, otherwise this column is ignored.

Condition from


Starting weight,price or #items at which this shipping rate applies

Condition to


Ending weight,price or #items at which this shipping rate applies

Shipping Price


Price of shipping

Delivery Type


Text describing this shipping rate, as shown to the customer in onepage checkout and estimator, e.g. “Via 24-48 Courier”

Configuring your CSV file

For an introduction to CSV files and instructions on how you can set up your, please visit our CSV Configuration page.

Please note: Matrix Rate only supports postcode pattern-matching. This extension has no support for UK postcodes and range-based filtering can only be used in the 'from' and 'to' fields of your CSV file – you cannot use ',' separations between different ranges. We strongly recommend users upgrade to Premium MatrixRate or Product Matrix for the increased flexibility these extensions offer when defining the destination shipping rules for your store.

Also, Matrix Rate only allows you to set your shipping rules according to one variable out of price, weight and quantity in the 'Condition from' and 'Condition to' fields. Again, we recommend you purchase either Premium MatrixRate or Product Matrix for this increased functionality.

Installation Validations

If you wish to validate the install has succeeded updating the database look for the table shipping_matrixrate.

If you are not getting any shipping rates out check the following: 

  1. Do you have data in shipping_matrixrate which matches your expectations? 

  2. Is the condition_name set correctly for your requirements before uploading csv (e.g. package_weight for weight filtering)? 

  3. Do you have correct weights setup if using weight filtering (it's not so intelligent it can tell the difference between an ounce and a pound, you control this!)? 

  4. Have you enabled the extension! 


  1. Does not currently support exporting of csv rates. To observe these rates please use the database directly (see table shipping_matrixrate). 

  2. The csv import is taken from magento tablerate code and could be improved. In particular if the csv fails to upload sometimes you will not be notified of this. If you are not getting shipping rates out then please check the table shipping_matrixrate to see if data was uploaded. If it was not you have an invalid csv file. The most common issue seen is that strings do not have quotes round them, which can cause issues in upload – I have seen problems when MS Excel is used on Macs to generate the csv file (as discussed by Magento on their tablerates documentation). If in doubt please consult the examples in app/code/community/Webshopapps/examples 

This extension has been in circulation since Oct 08 and is highly stable. As ever installing via Magento Connect has it’s issues, as most users will have seen with upgrading Magento and using other extensions. 


This software is released under the Open Software License (OSL 3.0) which can be found at