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Release Notes

I do not plan to provide detailed release notes, due to this being a community extension, and the fact I am trying to keep it fairly agile. In general releases are made to provide additional functionality, or to keep the extension upto date with the latest Magento release. 

I will not make changes now that affect the csv file format, as this would have too much impact on the current users. If you want additional features then please look at www.webshopapps.com




Added support for displaying free shipping when promotion setup.

Added workaround for Magento bug where subtotal was including virtual and downloadable products incorrectly.


Enhanced Free Shipping functionality:

  • Ability to enable/disable free shipping promotion check

  • Ability to set free shipping threshold

  • Ability to display other shipping methods if free shipping threshold or free shipping promotion criteria are met

Remove Free Optional Shipping extension – this never really belonged in Matrixrate, and to simplify things I have decided to remove. If you still require this functionality email me.


Further changes to handle virtual/downloadable products.

Re-released under webshopapps.com name.

Attempt to fix Magento Connect issue by re-issuing release.

4.0.0 Changed to Webshopapps name.
Removed support for 7-column csv file in documentation and examples
4.1.0Export functionality added for CSVS