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Old Dimensional Shipping

This page refers to Dimensional Shipping versions up to 9.x. If you are running version 10.x please visit our new Dimensional Shipping page.



The Dimensional Shipping extension adds the ability to specify dimensional weights of products for UPS, Fedex, and USPS shipping. There are additional capabilities around the splitting of a cart into several packages, with a great deal of flexibility on what can be achieved.  With this extension you have abilities such as:
  • Specifying products that ship separately in their own package
  • Defining dimensions on a per product basis
  • Defining default box sizes and assigning these to products as required
  • Saying by default that all items ship separately
  • Merging items into grouped packages, some shipping with dimensional weight, some not
  • Specifying the maximum weight and/or quantity that a package can hold 
  • Shipping some items with dimensional weight, others without
  • Splitting a product into multiple packages

If you have any additional requirements and or need a demonstration don't hesitate to contact us today.

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