• Extension installation instructions «HERE»

  • Copy the contents of src/lib to the lib directory in Magento

  • Add dimensional attributes to your relevant attribute sets instructions can be found «HERE»

  • Within 'ConfigurationShipping Settings' you should have a shipping method available called "WebShopApps Dimensional Weight"

Using this extension

With this extension you have various parameters at the product and extension level to control shipping items with dimensional weight attributes.  Additionally you have the ability to create "boxes" that can then be referred to for packing settings.  

We recommend you test in collaboration with the UPS or Fedex site to ensure the rates are what you expect.

You need to think about how you want your products to ship. It is worth spending some time thinking about this before you configure the extension. You basically have 5 options:
  1. Merge together in one package using actual weight

  2. Ship each product separately

  3. Ship product into several separate packages

  4. Ship separately with actual & dimensional weight

  5. Ship a particular product in multiple quantities per box

  6. Ship a particular product type in multiple quantities per box

Merge Products Together

  • Used by default when no other switches are on, items will be merged into shared packing boxes using actual weight

  • If actual weight is over max package weight for carrier (e.g. 150lb for UPS) then splits in separate box

  • When an item is defined to be shipped separately or uses dimensional weight, then it will not merge.

Number of Packages

  • Will split the product into the defined number of packages
  • The weight of each package will be total product weight / number of packages
  • E.g. if you have an item which is 450lb and number of packages is 3 then shipping will be calculated as 3 packages of 150lbs each
  • For this field to be used the product must be set to ship separately

Ship Separately

  • Items shipped separately will explicitly not merge.

  • However as mentioned above, if packages are involved, it will be split with no merge.


 Behaviour Ship Separately?
 Default Merging  No
 Packages >1  Split Separately
 Ship Separate  Yes
 Dimensional Weight  Yes

Dimensional Weight

  • For items where the actual weight to dimensional weight proportions are in favour of shipping by dimensions, use this.

  • Default packing boxes can be defined. For unique boxes, they are defined in the product attributes.

Multiple Quantities per box

You may have a scenario where you want to ship a particular item in multiplies of 6.  So if I ordered 8 of this item I would get rates back based on 2 packages of 6 and 2 items respectively.  This extension allows you to do that.  It also allows you to tie products together across box type. So let's say you sell wine and you also sell corkscrews. With the Dimensional Shipping extension you can say I want any bottles of wine to be shipped in packages of max 6 items per box, and any corkscrews to go in their own package.


Maximum Package Weight

The Maximum Package Weight should be overwritten to something like 1000. This depends on the way you define your product listing weights, you may have an item which exceeds the shipping carrier defaults (UPS e.g. 150lbs, FedEx e.g. 60lbs). You will also see this in your account with these carriers.
An example would be; if you have something with actual weight @ 300lbs with 2 packages; it should then split into 2x150lbs under the defaults by UPS (theoretically).



If you use negotiated rates you will need to contact UPS directly to enable the API to get these rates.  This is outside of the control of the extension.

In the UPS shipping method you must enable UPS XML and have an associated UPS account.

Fedex shipping

If you wish to use the dimensional and ship separate features within the Dimensional Shipping extension on the Fedex carrier you need to ensure SOAP is installed on the webserver. Details on this can be found << HERE >>.

In order to use this carrier you do need a test/live Fedex account, including password, key & meter number. More information on this can be found << HERE >>


There are 2 parts to configuration - the Shipping Settings and the product listing itself

Shipping settings

  1. Open Magento Admin

  2. Navigate to “ConfigurationShippingSettings ”

  3. Enable WebShopApps Dimensional Weight

  4. Configure as required - details below

  5. You should then see the appropriate shipping rates appear on the front end upon checkout

The configuration options are:

 Option Description 
 Enabled  Activate/De-activate extension
 Serial Key
 Serial, if blank then means was invalid
 Ship every item separately
 Specify if every single item is shipped separately   
 Ship every item with dimensional weight
 Specify if every item has a dimensional weight attached. If set to Yes and no box/dimensions set at product level then will use the Default item packing box size
 Default item packing box
 Used with above

Selecting carriers

If you wish to use our extension with Fedex then you must enable the "Webshopapps Fedex" carrier under shipping methods (and disable the Magento Fedex carrier). Configure the shipping method as you would standard Fedex, just bear in mind to point to either Test or Live Gateway URL, and enter the appropriate account details.

If you wish to use UPS then use the standard Magento UPS configuration, we have overriden certain aspects to include the dimensional weight logic.

Creating boxes

You can pre-define boxes with measurements in the separate Box Manager which is located under Catalog->Manage Shipping Boxes

As shown in the example here you have the ability to specify box measurements, then refer to these in the product and extension settings. This hopefully provides less room for error and less maintenance overheads.

If you want to allow more than 1 item in a box then use the 'Qty per box' field to specify this.

Product listing

Within the product listing you should have a Shipping tab with various rules for dimensional settings. If you do not make sure the attributes are in your attribute set.

You can choose to exclude some/all of these as per your requirements. For example you may want to just specify dimensions using the Packing box dropdown, or vice versa.

The configuration settings are:

 Dimension Length
 Length of item - should be longest metric
 Dimension Height   
 Height of item
 Dimension Width
 Width of item
 Ship Separately
 When set to yes will ship each item of this type separately
 Number of Packages
 The number of separate packages this item takes.  For example if you set weight to 500 and this to 5 it will send a request to UPS for 5 packages of 100lbs each. 
 Ship with Dimensional Weight
 When set to Yes will specify dimensional weight for this item. If no dimensional weight specified at the item level uses the default packing box in shipping settings
 Packing Box
 Alternative way to specify the dimensions of the item, you can use this instead of entering width/height/length. We recommend that if you just want to use packing boxes then you remove 3 other attributes from attribute set to avoid confusion, and vice versa.