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Premium Matrix Rates


The Premium MatrixRate extension is based on the popular community extension Matrix Rate. If you are upgrading from the community extension and do not want to make the full transition in one big step, this extension runs seamlessly alongside our Matrix Rate Community Extension

It has got a lot of additional features in over and above MatrixRate, including:

  • Support for multiple countries, regions and/or zip/post codes on single line

  • Ability to filter on weight, price and #items combined

  • Ability to filter on Volume Weight (and/or weight combined)

  • Capability to charge additional charge per unit of weight

  • Google Checkout compatibility

  • Ability to calculate shipping on Cart prices including tax

  • Ability to change the sort order of rates output

  • Ability to set cheapest shipping method as free

Additionally it has all the standard MatrixRate features:

  • Completely csv driven, no coding required to change prices, add rates, etc

  • Allows multiple postage rates to be displayed for the customer to choose from

  • Zip code based filtering. Can either use the basic “starts with” criteria, or more complex pattern matching

  • Support for numerical zip code ranges – e.g. specify a price that applies to all postcodes within the range 9755-9999

  • To be able to specify an upper and lower boundary for price, weight, or item vs destination rates

The management of shipping rates is done via a csv file, which is uploaded to the database. Shipping calculations are then done via sql searches, providing efficient results.

Interested in this extension?

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