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UK Shipping


Different Rates To UK, Europe And ROW - Simple

In this scenario the customer wanted to offer different rates to the UK, Europe and ROW.  

See attached csv for how the use of multiple countries on one line greatly reduces the csv file size, and eases maintenance.

UK Postcode filtering - Differentiating between L and LL

With Premium Matrixrate it has intelligent UK postcode filtering so that you can differentiate between postcodes such as L20 and LL20.
So if you look at this example if you enter L20 4RT it would match on row 2, if you entered LL20 4RT it would match on row 3.


UK Postcode Filtering

The attached example here shows how to setup for UK based postcode filtering. In the shipping method you should have "use zip range" set to No, and "use UK Postcode Filtering" set to Yes.


Canada Postcode Filtering

The attached example here shows how to setup for Canada postcode filtering. In the shipping options for postcode filtering you will need to set the option to 'Canada Ranges'



Rest of World Shipping

Please also see the UK examples as the same principles can be applied to Rest of World shipping.

Free Shipping Minimum Order Canada & US 48 states

In the example here we show how to setup Premium Matrixrate so that free shipping applies after order value is $100+, but only offer to Canada and 48 US States.  This also uses weight based filtering.

In the example I've only included Hawaii, Alaska as non-free states, in reality you would add all that were not applicable from your list of regions.

eParcel With Premium MatrixRate - Simple

Example configuration on Premium MatrixRate for eParcel can be found here.  This uses the new feature of multiple zipcode ranges on a single line, greatly reducing the size of the CSV file.


Different Rates To Different Countries

Attached is a very simple example that shows you how to setup for different rates to various countries.

The setup is as follows:

country shipping rates shown
United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)

Next Business Day £0

AM Delivery £12

Saturday Delivery £12

France 48 Hour Service £40
Italy 48 Hour Service £40
Northern Island 48 Hour Service £40

Using Algorithms

Adding An Additional Cost Per Item

In some circumstances you may wish to add an additional cost to a base shipping price based on how many items are added. This can be achieved in Premium Matrixrate by utilising the "Algorithm" field in your CSV file. Hence adding "I=5" into the algorithm field would mean for every item in the cart, $5 would be added. It uses the item from field to work out from which qty to add the additional price. In the csv file here the Ground price for 1 item is $15, for 2 items $20, etc.

Adding A Per Item Surcharge Applied To All Items

Some shipping carriers implement per item surcharges on their shipments. We have created a new algorithm to deal with this scenario called 'ai' standing for 'all items'.

The algorithm 'i' which has been present in the extension for some time now applied a surcharge to items that exceeded the 'item from' limit whereas 'ai' will apply the surcharge to all of the items, regardless of the 'item from' limit.

The syntax for this new algorithm is ai=surcharge amount so to add a $5 surcharge you would enter ai=5

The attached CSV file here may help illustrate this scenario, you will see the rates are identical up-to 5 items, then at 6 or more items the behavior is different.

Exclude Shipping To Specific Post/Zipcode

There are occasions where you wish to exclude shipping to certain states, zipcodes, countries, etc. With Premium MatrixRate you can do this using the -1 shipping price.

In the attached CSV file here were are saying that we do not wish to show the free shipping option for customers in Jersey, Guernsey, Northern Island, etc.

Only Ship to Specific Postal/Zip Codes

In some cases you may only wish to provide shipping to specific postal/zip codes. For example if you're using the extension as a store collection method you probably only want to offer the service within a 5 mile radius.

You can do this quite easily within the extension by only defining rules with the postal/zip code you want to ship to specified. As the extension works on a best match basis it will always look for the most specific match it can find, so if you haven't specified any "*" postal/zip code rules, no methods will be shown from the extension and you can hide the error message by setting "Show method if not applicable" to "No". 

Local Pickup Example CSV"

Adding a Weight Based Surcharge

You may wish to add a surcharge based on the weight of the cart. So we could say after 30Kg lets charge the 30Kg price plus £1.25 for every Kg over 30Kg. A lot of carriers introduce rules like this such as Royal Mail for example.

Our app caters for this through the weight algorithm. It can be used with this syntax: weight = quantity @ price so in our above example we would enter this: W=1@1.25

It's worth noting that the app will round the weight to the nearest whole number. So if your cart weighs 35.25Kg it will be rounded to 36Kg for the weight algorithm.

The rate per kilo is taken using the weight from field as a start, so if you say have w=1*0.50 with weight from at 10kg and weight of cart at 15kg it will calculate 5*0.50 and add onto shipping price, not 15*0.50.

Weight Based Surcharge CSV


Filtering Options

With Premium Matrixrate you can filter shipping based on destination, weight, quantity, price or any combination.


Quantity Vs Destination

A customer asks: How would I configure Premium MatrixRate to have different rates for different countries that is also dependant on the number of items?

WebShopApps: We have created an example CSV file here which illustrates how to configure this, please find it attached to this thread. You can additionally base this on region and post/zip code.

Quantity & Price Filtering

This was the scenario sent through:

"Orders below £20.00 and below 3 products means the delivery cost is £1.50 inc vat.

If above £20 and 3+ products but below 20 products the delivery is free.

Guaranteed Next day working day courier is £5.50 inc vat. If orders have 20 or more products the delivery will automatically be upgraded to the guaranteed next working day courier."


The csv file to achieve this is attached here. There are a couple of scenarios missing from these requirements, such as price below 20 and products 3+, but I've not covered those in csv.

Specifying A Per lb/kilo Shipping Price Using One Row

You can specify a rate per kilo or per pound on a single row, greatly reducing the size of your csv file, and therefore reducing your maintanence costs.

For example lets say over 5000g you want to say weight is $9.95 + $0.90 per kilo.  You can do this by say w=1000@0.90 in the algorithm column.  See attached csv here for the complete row.

Setup Free Shipping For Orders > $100 Provided Weight <10lbs

Refer to this attached CSV file.

Volume Weight vs Destination

This extension adds support for filtering on the Volume Weight as well as the actual weight. There are two types of setup for this configuration.

1) Use the higher of volume weight and actual weight.

The extension can look at the cart and work out if the actual weight or the volume weight is higher and then use this for the calculation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               In this configuration the CSV file structure remains unchanged and the weight from and weight to become weight/volume from and weight/volume to.

When using this setup, you can also define certain methods to always use the actual weight regardless of the volume being higher. Use the multi-select box in the admin panel settings. (Since version 6.02)

This CSV file shows how you might implement this: Higher of Volume Weight or Actual Weight CSV

2) Filter on both Actual Weight and Volume Weight

The extension can also filter on both the volume weight and the actual weight. The structure of the CSV file changes such that the item from and item to becomes volume from and volume to.

We had a client that ships their item in a box that can hold 1000cm3 or 15Kg. We implemented the attached CSV file for them which handles upto 50 boxes (aka cartons).

Filter on Volume and Weight CSV


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