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Resolving Issues

See the Troubleshooting guide first for general issue resolution.

Premium Specific Troubleshooting

Implementing Volumetric Weight Filtering

With Premium Matrixrate you have the option to filter based on volume weight, as well as standard weight.  In order to filter on volume weight please ensure that you do the following prior to uploading your csv:

  1. Set condition to Volume Weight vs Destination
  2. Save Config

If you do not do this then the csv will be saved under the standard weight conditons and no volume weight logic will apply.

You have 2 choices around management of volume weight:

  1. Filter based on both weight and volume weight
  2. Filter on greater of weight/volume weight

Many courier companies will support option 2, hence this being implemented. 

In the shipping method configuration you have the choice to set "Use higher of weight/volume" to Yes/No. 

  • When set to yes the extension will compare the volume and the weight and then use whichever of the two is higher to search for a matching rule in your CSV file.
  • When set to no the extension will search for a weight and a volume matching a rule in your CSV file.

Please remember all values are a greater than or equal to or less than or equal to value in the CSV file.

Invalid Premium Matrix Rate File Format

This error usually means you are missing a column in your CSV file. With PremiumRate you should have 15 columns as such:

  • Country
  • State - This would be the state code. I.e. CA for California
  • City
  • Zip/Postal Code - Used if you are pattern matching or as the start range of the post code
  • Zip to - used for the end range of the post code
  • Weight from
  • Weight to
  • Price from
  • Price to
  • Item from
  • Item to
  • Shipping price
  • Algorithm
  • Delivery type
  • Sort order - used for custom sorting - if you're not using this enter *

There are example csv files in the docs\example folder.

Please see the attached CSV file which you may like to use as a template to build upon.

What Do Table Columns Map To?


"dest_country_id",  - country
"dest_region_id", - region
"dest_city", - city
"dest_zip", - zip from
"dest_zip_to", - zip to

"weight_from_value" - weight from
,"weight_to_value", - weight to
"price", - shipping price
"delivery_type" - delivery type


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