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Product Matrix


The Product Matrix shipping extension provides a shipping calculation solution for Magento websites, allowing shipping rates to be calculated using the following criteria: 
  • Destination 
  • Shipping Product Group (can be individual products or a set of products) 
  • Customer Group
  • Weight 
  • Price 
  • #Items of each Product Group in cart 

This extension is based on the Webshopapps Matrixrate solution, so all capabilities within that extension are covered within ProductMatrix, including the ability to display multiple shipping rate options.
All of the features from Customer Group Rate and Percentage MatrixRate have also been incorporated into this extension.

Using this Wiki

There is lots of information on this wiki to assist you with getting setup with Productmatrix.  Here is a summary of each section:
  1. Getting Started with Productmatrix - this is the entry point to getting setup. It runs through installation, and example csv, and gives a good overview of the extension features

  2. Examples & Screencasts - These look at specific scenarios and give you example configurations which can apply to your needs. Most shipping scenarios are covered in some form here

  3. CSV Creation - This section gives detailed information on how to setup a CSV file, and includes a relatively complex walkthrough of a shipping scenario to show how a CSV file is formed
If after running through the documentation you are having problems with getting rates to show, or with the general setup then please refer to the following for assistance:
  1. General Troubleshooting Guide

  2. Productmatrix Troubleshooting Guide

Product Matrix Variations

Below you will find information about the different Product Matrix variations:
  1. Product Matrix with Volume Support
This is a paid add on to the extension and is not included in the core module.

Examples of usage

  • Split Products according to warehouses they are distributed from, and apply shipping rates according to each warehouse (i.e. drop shipping).
  • Use a standard set of shipping rates for most goods, but apply a premium rate when certain products are in the cart.
  • Set the shipping rate to the highest rate found for the products in the cart. Say for example you apply a default rate of $5 but want to apply a rate of $50 if the customer has a snowboard in the cart.
  • Apply a different set of shipping rates for retail customers, customers with accounts, and new customers.
  • Set the shipping costs as a percentage of the cart/shipping group overall price.
  • Apply different shipping rates for different categories of products.
  • The management of shipping rates is done via a csv file, which is uploaded to the database. Shipping calculations are then done via sql searches, providing efficient results.

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