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Product Matrix with Volume Support


Before You Start

Before you get started with Product Matrix Volume Support, take a look at the Getting Started with Product Matrix guide. This will show you how to get set up with Product Matrix, this process is the same for Product Matrix and Product Matrix with Volume Support.

This guide will show you how to configure to volume aspect of the Product Matrix with Volume Support extension, everything else is covered in the standard Product Matrix guides. 

Adding Volume Attribute to your Attribute Set

You need to add the height width and depth attributes to your products. 

  1. Go to Catalog --> Manage Attribute Sets
  2. Now drag the ship_height, ship_weight and ship_depth Unassigned Attributes over to the shipping Group. 
  3. Now you should see the height, depth and weight for each of your products under Catalog --> Manage Products --> Shipping.

Use higher of weight/volume

Product Matrix with volume comes with a switch in the admin panel 'User higher of weight/volume'. When this is set to 'No' the extension will use the 'Weight From' and 'Weight To' columns for weight as well as the 'Volume From' and Volume 'To' columns for volume. When this switch is set to 'Yes' the extension will only look at the 'Weight From' and 'Weight To' column. It will take the value for weight or volume (whichever is higher) and look to match on a row using the 'Weight From' and 'Weight To' columns. 

Volume From and Volume To Columns

The Volume From and Volume To columns allow you to create shipping rules based on the volume of all items in the cart. An example of this in action is the number of cartons example

To use this feature you also need to enter the volume of each of your products.



Examples of how to use the Volume From and and Volume To columns in practise:

Number of Cartons Example

Here is an example of how Volume affects the number of cartons: