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Shipping Method Configuration

Shipping Method Configuration

  1. Open Magento Admin

  2. Navigate to "Configuration->Shipping Methods"

  3. Enable Product Matrix Rates

  4. Select the Conditions you require.

    To understand how to set these conditions you will need to cross reference against our existing articles.

    • Applying package ID '*' to all items in cart - usually set to no

    • Totalling algorithm see here

    • If using zip code ranges set zipcode to/from to yes

    • Filter on subtotal price/weight set to no will filter on shipping group - yes to cart subtotal
  5. Save Config

  6. Upload your csv table. Instructions can be found here 

    • The section covering setup of the table is below
  7. Ensure your products are setup correctly according to the rules in the csv file

  8. You should then see the appropriate shipping rates appear on the front end upon checkout

Configuration Options

Enabled Switch ON/OFF the extension
Serial Key Extension Authentication - Must always be present. Will blank out if serial key not accepted
Title Shipping Method Name e.g. Parcels Direct
Apply package id '*' to all items in cart Set to “No” by default. Custom shipping groups will also match against '*' package_id(shipping group) when set to "Yes". See below for further info.
Totalling algorithm The method with which to calculate the shipping subtotal. See below for further info.
Maximum shipping cost Maximum shipping cost cut-off point of any delivery type. If calculations exceed this cost then they will display this cost
Use numerical zipcode range Numerical zipcode filtering in the from/to columns of the table
UK postcode filtering Intelligent UK postcode filtering. Not to be used at the same time as range filtering
Filter on subtotal price/weight
“No” will filter on the total price/weight of items in shipping group; “Yes” will filter on the cart subtotal/weight.
So for instance if you have 3 products in the cart, 2 of which being shipping group A and 1 in shipping group B then with the switch set to YES the extension will filter on the total of all 3 items, set to NO then it will filter on either total of shipping group A or total of shipping group B.
Use discounted price Use discounted price for the cart subtotal
Free shipping promotion text The delivery type displayed when promotion in cart
Zero cost shipping text The text displayed to the customer for free shipping
Append '*' package id rates Set to “Yes” by default. Do not change unless tested change of output
Which shipping group? Which product the extension looks at when getting the shipping group for bundled and configurable items.
Exclude virtual from cart price Exclude virtual products from the cart subtotal during calculations
Debug ON/OFF Switch for debugging mainly used by extension support
Custom sorting YES to convert `Notes` column into an order column for delivery types; NO to disable

Standard Magento Options

These options are always included as part of a standard Magento shipping carrier.

Calculate handling fee Based on fixed flat rate or percentage of cart.
Handling fee The rate to apply.
Apply handling fee on zero shipping Apply rate if shipping is zero.
Ship to applicable countries Does not change selectable countries – does change whether or not rates collected.
Ship to specific countries Customise the set of allowable countries as above.
Show method if not applicable Yes to show method when not applicable – will show error message
Displayed error message Error message to display if the shipping module has errors. Allows you to customise the default message for localisation.
Sort order Shipping method order among multiple shipping methods – 0 to top

Example Configuration

This is the typical configuration for product matrix which can be found under shipping settings. However, If you won’t be using post/zip codes, the setting should be disabled.