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Product Rate


Product Rate uses the Per Item Totalling Mechanism which calculates the shipping rate on a Per Product basis. It has the ability to apply price or percentage surcharges on additional items in the cart of the same product.

Features :

  • Support for Bundled items

  • Support for Configurable items

  • Maximum shipping cost

  • Default shipping cost

  • Ability to charge different price/percentage of shipping cost when additional items are added

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Are you sure you were looking for this extension?

  1. If you need product rates alongside live rates (e.g. UPS) then you need to be looking at the Shipping Override extension. The Product Rate extension is a shipping extension in it's own right, much like Magento flat rates, whereas Shipping Override is a shipping controller extension, allowing you to adapt live rates when certain criteria is met. 

  2. If you are using custom rates and need more flexibility over filtering, such as different prices for different regions or countries, or more flexibility on how rates are accumulated, etc, then you are really looking at the Product Matrix extension. This provides lots of configuration options. Key differences between Product Matrix and Product Rate are detailed in this article.