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SQL Error On Product Rate

Question: We purchased the Product Rate Shipping Extension for Magento and when we try and save edits to products we are getting this error "SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'e.shipping_addon' in 'field list'". Any advice on how I can fix this? We are using Magento v1.3.2.4. Thanks!

Answer: If you see this error after installing the extension then rebuild the flat product catalog in cache management.

This is because new attributes have been added to the product by the extension. You may also see this problem with other attributes. You should also disable your cache while you are still configuring Magento.

Removing/Upgrading Product Rate

If you have previously installed ProductRate or wish to completely remove ProductRate, please follow the below steps:

  1. Remove everything under app/code/local/Webshopapps
  2. Remove app/etc/modules/Webshopapps_Productrate.xml
  3. Go into phpMyAdmin
  4. Bring up SQL prompt
  5. Run SELECT * FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE "carriers/productrate%";
  6. Ensure values returned look correct (if in doubt be careful!)
  7. Run DELETE FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE "carriers/productrate%";
  8. Run  SELECT * FROM core_resource WHERE code LIKE "productrate%";
  9. Ensure values returned are similar to version 0.0.1 and data_version 0.0.1
  10. Run DELETE FROM core_resource WHERE path LIKE "productrate%";