• Generic extension installation instructions can be found here

  • Within 'Configuration?Shipping Methods' you should have a shipping method available called "Royal Mail Rates" 

Getting Started with Royal Mail Table Rates 

Webshopapps Royal Mail Rates comes preloaded with Royal Mail national and international rates for Oct 2010. No guarantees can be made about correctness of these rates, and it is highly recommended you carry out testing. 

Firstly, decide which products are to be Letter or Large Letter. Then within the product listing assign the shipping group under the Shipping tab. 

Shipping Method Configuration

  1. Open Magento Admin

  2. Navigate to “Configuration?Shipping Methods”

  3. Enable the shipping method

  4. Save Config

  5. You should now see rates on the front-end.
    Note: For Google Checkout Integration see here

    Modifying Rates 

    It is possible to change the shipping rates yourself. The csv file supplied in the examples directory is pre-loaded with rates correct at February 2011, so this step is not necessary unless you wish to change the rates. See below for all information about tables and how to upload.

    Table Configuration

    The shipping extension works on a “Best Match” basis. This means it will look for the tightest match first, then work backwards if none can be found. For example if you have 2 rows in the csv, 1 with country code of “US” and one with “*”, then a customer from the US will match on the US row, and a customer from UK will match on the “*” row.

    Field Name



    ISO3 Country code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all. Multiple countries can be present on a single row (e.g. “GBR,FRA”)


    Defined region code this rate applies to. Use ‘*’ for all.


    Defined city. Use ‘*’ for all.

    Zip/Postal code from

    Zipcode search criteria. If using numeric ranges then set this to the number you wish the search to start from. If using pattern matching then set this to the pattern you require. See below for

    more details on patterns available

    Zip/Postal code to

    Only relevant if you are searching for purely numeric postcode

    ranges. Please ensure that “Use Zipcode to/from range” is set, otherwise this column is ignored.

    Weight from

    Starting weight at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all

    Weight to

    Ending weight at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all

    Price from

    Starting price at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all

    Price to

    Ending price at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all

    Item from

    Starting #items at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all

    Item to

    Ending #items at which this shipping rate applies. Default is '*' for all

    Shipping Price

    Price of shipping

    Delivery Type

    Text describing this shipping rate, as shown to the customer in onepage checkout and estimator, e.g. “Via 24-48 Courier”

    Unlike standard Matrixrate the from/to fields are working on basis of >from and =<to e.g. from 0 to 5 would mean anything greater than 0 and less than or equal to 5.

    Additional Configuration Options

    The following additional configuration is possible with Webshopapps Royal Mail Rate:

    • Option to change error message output when no rates found (or not display any at all)

    • Option to add a handling fee

    • Specify Free Shipping threshold

    This is all managed within the shipping method configuration.


    Installation Validations

    If you wish to validate the install has succeeded updating the database look for the table shipping_wsroyalmail.

    If you are not getting any shipping rates out check the following:

    1. Do you have data in shipping_wsroyalmail which matches your expectations?

    2. Is the condition_name set correctly for your requirements before uploading csv (e.g. package_weight for weight filtering)?

    3. Do you have correct weights setup if using weight filtering (it's not so intelligent it can tell the difference between an ounce and a pound, you control this!)?

    4. Have you enabled the extension and refreshed the cache!


    1. Does not currently support exporting of csv rates. To observe these rates please use the database directly (see table shipping_wsroyalmail)

    2. The csv import is taken from magento tablerate code and could be improved. In particular if the csv fails to upload sometimes you will not be notified of this. If you are not getting shipping rates out then please check the table shipping_wsroyalmail to see if data was uploaded. If it was not you have an invalid csv file. The most common issue seen is that strings do not have quotes round them, which can cause issues in upload – I have seen problems when MS Excel is used to generate the csv file (as discussed by Magento on their tablerates documentation). If in doubt please consult the examples

    This extension is based on WebShopApps Matrixrate, which has been around since Oct 08 and is highly stable. The Google Checkout/Magento code is, in my opinion, quite a flaky piece of code, and WebShopApps Royal Mail rate is sitting on top of this for the Google Checkout integration. So although I am confident in the extension I do not have total confidence in GC/Magento!