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Ship Separate


Want to be able to Ship your products in larger sizes Separately? We have a truly shipping method agnostic solution. Separate and Oversized Shipping allows you to charge shipping based on shipping items separately - works with any shipping method, e.g. UPS, Fedex, USPS and more. It also supports splitting of products into oversized and regular (USPS only).

This extension will allow you to do the following:

  • Specify one or more products as being shipped separately

  • Specify all products are shipping separately

  • Specify one or more products are oversized

  • Split an individual product into separate packages based on weight

  • Split x number of an individual product in a separate package based on quantity

When a product is marked as being shipped separately then for every product of this SKU in the cart for the shipping methods used will be invoked to get rates for each item. If a product is marked as oversized then it will be shipped separately, regardless of whether it is marked as separate shipping, and rates will be gathered for each oversized item in cart.

If all products are not marked as shipping separately and there are some oversized items in the cart then the oversized will be shipping separately, and the rest of the items will be shipped as a regular package.

Example Usage

For example, let's say you ship sheds and tools. The sheds are shipped separately. With this extension you can signify this, and if we had 3 sheds and 1 set of tools the UPS shipping method would be invoked three times for each shed and once for the tools, then the rates merged together.

Interested in this extension?

Head over to our landing page for Separate and Oversized Shipping today!