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  • Generic extension installation instructions can be found here

  • Within 'Configuration->Shipping Methods' you should have a shipping method available called "Ship Separate" 

  • Enable the extension and update the serial key

  • Move on to configuration

Shipping Settings Configuration

  • Select whether or not to ship all items separately. Doing so will mean product specific settings are overwritten.
    Note: This option will apply to every single item e.g. 4 * product A = 4 items shipped separately

  • Set the maximum package weight to the threshold you will be using as the cut-off point for your default shipping weight.

  • Split standard items according to max weight is as above. E.g. 300 lbs item splits into 2 * 150 if maximum weight = 150.

  • Save config

Product Configuration

In this section we are going to look at how to configure products for shipping separately.

Firstly identify the products you wish to ship separately, and which that are oversized.

  1. Select the Shipping tab (if you dont see this it is probably because the extension only defines the attributes in the Default attribute set. You need to modify your other attribute sets to include the Shipping tab and separate_shipping attribute) If you do not know how to set up your attributes then see here

  2. Select whether to ship separately or oversized (any oversized item is automatically shipped separately)

  3. Save

  4. When shipping rates are calculated you will now see that they have increased as the shipping methods are being invoked for every separate/oversized item + the rest of items in cart

A good way of testing this module is to use flat rate shipping. You can also use the enable/disable in shippping settings to see effect it is having.