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  • Installation instructions can be found here

  • In admin panel under System->Configuration->Sales->”Checkout totals sort order” change Discount to be 30 and Shipping to be 20. Save config. This is required to ensure shipping is calculated prior to discount

  • Within Promotions->Shopping Cart Price Rules under the Actions tab you should be able to see 2 new Apply options for Percent and Fixed shipping price discount
Options for promotions


Promotion Rule Configuration

  1. Under Promotions->Shopping Cart Price Rules add a new rule

  2. Enter rule information

  3. Under Conditions add criteria, plus if you want a particular shipping method then select it from list

    Select shipping method

  4. In Actions select Percent/Fixed shipping price discount and set discount amount

    80% Discount

  5. Set the Description to what you wish to display to customer on frontend

  6. Save Rule & Test


Frontend View

On the Frontend the customer will not immediately see the discount applied because it works off shipping rather than the cart total. Until shipping is calculated the discount cannot be applied. It's recommended that the Cart Shipping Estimator is left in so that customers get some visibility of the shipping promotion.
Discount Display on Cart Page

The discount is only applied if the customer selects the appropriate shipping method - Ground in this instance. On updating the total then the discount is applied.


Discount is applied

The discount will not be more than the cart subtotal.
Higher Cart Subtotal, higher discount applied.