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  • Generic extension installation instructions can be found here

Configuring Insurance Groups

Products may be assigned to an insurance group. They do not have to be assigned, indeed you can use this extension and not have any insurance groups.

Before assigning a product to an insurance group you must first create the groups themselves and set the appropriate rates and limits.

To manage insurance groups navigate to Catalog->Manage Insurance Groups

From here you can add, edit, or delete insurance groups. Please be aware that if you delete insurance groups you have an adverse effect on any products that are associated with them – so make sure you know what you are doing!

When you add an insurance group there are a number of fields you can fill in.

Title is the name of the Insurance Group – this is how it will be known in the Product Area

  • Status defines if it is enabled or not.

  • Flat Charge is the flat insurance rate that should be applied for all products that belong to this insurance group. The flat charge is applied once only, so now matter how many different products you have belonging to the insurance group, you only get the flat charge once.

  • Percentage Charge is the percentage (from 0-100) you wish to charge in insurance. The total price (excl tax) of all products in the cart that belong to this insurance group is calculated, then the percentage is found.

  • Maximum Insurance Charge is the maximum charge that will be applied to products of this group. This allows you to control what is charged at a insurance group level.

Note that it is possible to apply both a flat charge and a percentage charge.

Configuring Products

Once you have some insurance groups then go into each Product listing within Admin. Within the shipping tab you can assign the insurance group to the Product. If you wish the product to use the default insurance costs then leave blank. If you wish to have no insurance applied then you need to create an insurance group with zero values in flat and percentage charges, and then assign this to the product (or set the default to zero as desired).

Global Insurance Settings

Settings for enabling / disabling the shipping insurance calculation are held under
System->Configuration->Shipping Settings

Under the Shipping Insurance section the following fields are configurable
  • Calculate Delivery Insurance – Enables/Disables calculation

  • Maximum Insurance Charge – Maxium overall charge for insurance on the order

  • Minimum Insurance Charge – Minimum overall charge for insurance on the order

  • Default Flat Insurance Charge – Default flat rate applied to all products which do not have an insurance group assigned

  • Default Percentage Insurance Charge – Default percentage applied to total (excl vat) of all products which do not have an  insurance group defined

  • Maximum Order Value – The maximum value of the order at which shipping insurance is applied – orders over this value will not have insurance calculated

  • Minimum Order Value – The minimum value of the order at which shipping insurance is applied – orders under this value will not have insurance calculated