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CSV Walkthrough

We recommend using a spreadsheet programme to manipulate the rules such as Calc.

Note: A CSV should be delimited by commas, strings enclosed by quotes. So please maintain the CSV format when you save.


  • Do not change the order of the columns

  • Any value left empty should be an asterisk '*' which can mean anything.

    E.g. Price from * to 10 means from anything to 10. Country * means anything.

  • Country codes are in ISO-3166 format- click here for reference

  • Region/State codes for USA for example NY for New York - click here for reference

Write your rules in pseudo code and try to break them down to the simplest form.

We will go through a running example demonstrating different features of Shipping Override and how to implement different scenarios.

Note: any columns omitted are either empty or unimportant to the example shown, you will still need to have all columns present in your CSV file.


The scenario we have here is a store using UPS live rates using Ground, Next Day Air, and Worldwide Express delivery types.

Excluding a Delivery Type from some Products

Here we want to exclude international shipping from certain products. Our reason could be that they are only sold within the provider's country. This may also be used to exclude pickup only items, freight items, or for any other reason.

We have defined an attribute under the special_shipping_group as `NO INTERNATIONAL` (case sensitive) to apply to any products we are excluding from Worldwide Express. To do this we set the shipping price to `-1`. Under the product listing each product this applies to now needs to be assigned this attribute under the `shipping` tab. The behaviour of this rule will exclude `Worldwide Express` from showing in the quote whenever any product in the attribute set is in the cart.

Override the Price when some Products are in the Cart

We want to provide free shipping on `Ground` when a certain product is in the cart. The shipping price set will be the replacement quote for `Ground`.

Override Live Rates for Flat Rates for certain States

We want to charge table based rates for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.  This is done using the ORDER algorithm, using AK, HI states as the destination filters.

Do Not Display USPS When Order Value > $100

Once the cart total is > $100 then no longer show Ground shipping.

Custom Prices For Products That Ship Freight

Appending the custom freight rate for products selected as shipping by freight and removing Next Day Air from the rate.

Adding or Decreasing by Percentage Discount / Handling Fee

Offering 25% off Ground shipping on selected products.

The Result

To see the final CSV used in this tutorial - download the example and see above

Have a look at our examples for more demonstrations of Shipping Override including scenarios not shown here.

Uploading the CSV

Change the Configuration Scope to Main Website in Shipping Settings of System > Configuration

Choose File > Browse to your CSV and Save Config to upload.

  • If your CSV did not upload see here

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