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Shipping Override Algorithms


There are a number of different algorithms used in Shipping Override. See here for the definitions of these algorithms.


ORDER Algorithm

Let's say you want to charge table based rates for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.  You can do this by using the ORDER algorithm, and using the AK, HI states as destination filters.
The ORDER algorithm is suitable for whenever you want to override the price of product(s) in certain scenarios.  The price you specify becomes the price used for the products that match the criteria specified.
Further examples of usage are shown below.

ADD_ITEM Algorithm


Assume you have two conditions and want to add this to the algorithm

  • You want to charge a flat rate on certain products per order
  • An additional per item price on these products

So for example 1*item = $10, additional item price $3.95. 2*items would be $13.95 and 3*items would be $17.90.

The above conditions can be achieved using the excel file below.




In this example, say you would like to apply additional fee when you ship from California to Canada using Fedex Ground.
You can do this by specifying destination (Canada) and apply a $15 fee that is a percentage of purchase price (cart subtotal) on all shipments to Canada via Fedex Ground only.

The shipping rate is worked out as a percentage of the sum of the item prices in the cart plus the live/table rate.


OVERRIDE Algorithm

You can use the OVERRIDE algorithm to override all other rates for all other products in the cart.  For example let's say you have a set of products which you want to offer FREE shipping on when the cart value is > $200.   In addition to this you sell plants, and for these you want to add a $5 surcharge per order when these are in cart. You want to offer FREE shipping on the whole cart when the FREE products are in the cart, otherwise apply the surcharge with normal rates.

To do this you would set the following criteria on row 1:
  1. Shipping Group = FREE_OVERRIDE
  2. Price From = 200
  3. Delivery Type = Ground
  4. Algorithm = OVERRIDE
On row 2 setup the plants:
  1. Shipping Group = PLANTS
  2. Delivery Type = Ground
  3. Algorithm = SURCHARGE_ORDER

Overriding Rates Based on Price


Add a surcharge to your shipping methods based on price

In this example we want to add a $8.95 surcharge for any order that is below $99.99 to Ground, 2 Day Air and 3 Day Select.

The below CSV file will do this for you.




Overriding Rates Based on Weight


Charge Flat Rate upto a certain weight range

In this example upto 12.2lbs we want to charge various flat rates. Above 12.2lbs we switch to showing standard USPS Priority Mail.


Overriding Rates Based on Product


Charge Flat Rate price on some products, UPS or Fedex on others

In this example we have some products that we just want to charge a flat price of $10 per order on. When other products are in the cart we will charge normal shipping on them.
With Shipping Override you can specify this as shown in the csv file here. Then just assign the shipping group FLAT to any product that you want to use this rate.  The beauty of Shipping Override is it's ability to combine the shipping of the standard items with the flat rate shipping of this.

Allow Certain Products To Be Shipped Free On Some Methods

Here we would create a special attribute value of “FREE”, and assign this to all the products that could be shipped for free.

A CSV file would be created to define when the free rule applies, so for example if you only wanted this in 48 US states and on Ground shipping this is done here.

Here is what they would see if Ground was set to $0 under various carts:

 Cart  Shipping Rates Output
 1 * Free Item + 1*std item  $0 Ground +std Item Rate
 All other rates include all items in calculation
 1 * Free Item  $0
 All other rates include all items in calculation
 2 * Free Item + 10*different Std items  $0 + sum of Std Items Rate
 All other rates include all items in calculation


USPS Flat Rates On Certain Products With UPS On Others

This CSV shows how you can assign some products to SMALL or LARGE BOX and when these products are in the cart will apply a flat rate of $10 or $20 on the order. If other products are in the cart these would use the live rates.

Do Not Display USPS When Order Value > $100

This client wants to show Fedex and USPS rates, but once the cart total is > $100 then just show Fedex. The attached csv shows how to do it - the -1 says dont show the rate when criteria met.

Free Shipping On Selected Products To Selected States

With Shipping Override you can offer free shipping under certain criteria.  In this example we show how to offer free Ground shipping to selected states on selected products.

The first thing to do is set up a shipping group called FREE.  Then assign this to all your products you want to offer free shipping on.

The CSV file attached is then uploaded.  This configuration will offer Ground shipping at $0, but if the customer is from Alaska, Hawaii they will get charged the standard rate. 

If the customer has say a FREE item and a standard item in the cart shipping is still calculated for the standard item.


Override Free Shipping Method

You may have a free shipping method set up (to allow free shipping over a certain price, for example) that you want to override in certain cases.

This can be achieved with Shipping Override by creating a shipping group and assigning it to all products that you don't want to be shipped via the free method.

In this example free shipping is applied to all products over $399, in the star shipping group. However, all products assigned to the EXCLUDE_FREE shipping group are excluded from this free shipping rule. 

free-ship csv

Custom Prices For Products That Ship Freight

This is a very common scenario.

You want to use UPS for most of your products, but you have some products where you want to ship freight and have custom prices.

Using Shipping Override you can specify shipping groups for these special products, then using a csv file configure how you want the rates to work.

In the example attached if I had say a sofa and other items in the cart the extension will calculate the UPS price of the other items and then add $200 to the UPS price received.  Also in this example it will stop Next Day Air from showing if a sofa is in the cart.

You can optionally not use shipping groups and set the shipping price in the product attribute.


Ship Small Items via First Class Mail unless other items in Cart

In this scenario the customer had some products which were only $3. To charge Ground shipping of $10 on these was causing problems with abandoned carts. So we wanted to offer US First Class Mail at a flat rate of $1.50 when these small items are in the cart.
The easiest way to do this is as follows:
  1. Set the Fixed Rate Shipping Method to be US First Class Mail at $1.50 (we dont want to use USPS, though we could if required)
  2. Add a shipping group called STANDARD and assign this to the non-small products
  3. Configure the shipping override csv so that whenever STANDARD items are in the cart the First Class Mail is not shown


Preventing Shipping


Exclude Shipping To Certain States / Countries Or For Certain Products

In some situations you may want to exclude shipping to a certain parts of the world or all together for a certain product/group.

This is totally achievable using ShippingOverride, all you need to do is create a rule that matches the criteria you want to exclude shipping on and then set the shipping price as "-1" for that rule. You should do this for each different shipping method you want to exclude I.e "Ground", "Priority Mail" etc.

Please find a CSV file attached illustrating this scenario, the product group "EXCLUDE" is completely excluded from shipping and "GROUND ONLY" is for ground shipping only. EXCLUDE STATES excludes just Hawaii and Alaska. In this example please assume the only shipping methods in use are "Ground", "Priority Mail" and "Express Mail".


No Air Shipping For Hazardous Products

Let's say you sell aerosols, but these aren't the only products you deal with. When a customer buys aerosols you want to restrict shipping such that no air based delivery options are shown. You are using UPS live rates.

The CSV file attached shows how to do this with the Shipping Override extension.


No Shipping To Alaska, Hawaii

The attached CSV shows how you can prevent shipping based on destination. If you wanted to you could extend this to prevent shipping of certain products (using shipping group column) to certain places, or indeed use any of the other filters in the CSV file (e.g. price, customer group, weight, etc).


No USPS To Certain States

Let's say you ship both UPS and USPS, but on selected states you want to limit shipping to UPS only.

The following CSV file shows how to do this for all products.  Here any customer from California or Arizona will not be shown the USPS shipping methods.


Only USPS to APO/FPO addresses

In this scenario the client wanted to send orders via USPS only for APO/FPO shipping.  Any other orders would go via UPS, Fedex.  This is achieved with the following configuration. What we are doing here is saying if APO/FPO then do nothing (i.e. show USPS), otherwise if anywhere else do not show USPS. -1 prevents shipping to Parcel Post/Priority Post.
No shipping to APO/FPO

Handling Fees


Negative Percentage Handling Fee

In the CSV file attached it shows you how to add a negative handling fee for each different shipping method. There is also a shipping group created so that if you want to apply an additional discount for certain products you are able to do this.


Add A Percentage Handling Fee To Certain Shipping Options

With Shipping Override you can add a handling fee based on the shipping option shown.  So for example you could say the following:

  • Handling fee of 10% for Fedex Ground
  • Handling fee of 25% for Fedex 2 Day
  • Handling fee of 45% for Fedex Overnight

In this scenario the percentages are of the actual shipping price, so for Ground the price shown will be 110% of the rate retrieved from Fedex.

Add A fixed Handling Fee if Shipping to a Specific Country


In some cases you may wish to add a flat cost if shipping to a specific country perhaps to handle an additional charge incurred. You could do it for a scenario like this:

  • Add $10 for UPS Worldwide Express to Canada
  • Add $25 for UPS Worldwide Expedited, UPS Worldwide Express Plus to Canada


Overriding Rates Based On Customer Group

Customer Group And Price

Please find below an example of how to configure Shipping Override to set rules based on the customer group of a shopper and the order value. This is adapted from a recent conversation with one of our clients while we aided him in setting up his shipping for his new Magento store. Some details have been adapted/removed to protect their identity.

Scenario: We offer 2 free sample packs of our products to potential/existing customers. We charge $7.50 for shipping and handling for any 2 of these. The sample packs are as follows:

SKU NUMBER/Description:

  • 903423/PRODUCT 1 
  • 965624/PRODUCT 2
  • 965452/PRODUCT 3 
  • 456456/PRODUCT4 
  • 45645646/PRODUCT 5

Then we offer special shipping to customer groups. They are as follows:

  • General = FLAT FEE - $6.50 per order
  • Retail Outlets = ACTUAL UPS CHARGE + $3.00 Handle Fee (per case of 12 bottles)
  • Online Reseller = ACTUAL UPS CHARGE + $3.00 Handle Fee (per case of 12
  • Subscribers = FLAT FEE - $6.50 per order
  • Wholesale = ACTUAL UPS CHARGE + $3.00 Handle Fee (per case of 12 bottles)
  • NOT LOGGED IN = FLAT FEE - $6.50 per order

FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $150.00 for the following groups:

  • General 
  • Subscribers 

Question: Do I just upload this or are there any other configurations I must do first?

  • Make sure you test the CSV file.
  • You will probably need to change the settings under shipping settings "Set Shipping group "*" to equal all items" to No, to enable it to pick up the different group for the "PRODUCT" items. You will also need to create an attribute for these items.
Please see the attached CSV file. You will also need to make sure your UPS settings are set properly, I.e. "Free Method" is set to "Ground" or which ever service you wish to use.
You need to set up the customer first, then create the order. There is an issue in Magento where we cant latch onto the customer group in the shipping because its not yet assigned at the point of calculation. If you create the customer first it works around the issue.


Filter shipping based on PO Box 

Shipping Override now supports filtering on PO Boxes, this means you can restrict shipping, add surcharges or charge a flat rate if a PO Box is entered.  

In this example you can filter specific shipping methods if you enter a PO Box in the shipping address field.
  • When you enter a PO Box in the street address, it will cause Shipping Override to charge $100 for Next Day Air (matches on row 2 and 3 only) and exclude Ground.
  • Otherwise it will match the row with $50 for 2nd Day Air (row 4).

See the attached CSV for an example of how to implement this.  

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