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Create An All "*" Category In CSV But Exclude Certain Criteria...

Question: I am creating a CSV for my shipping criteria and I have shipping rates that are specific to 3 countries (USA, MEX, CAD) but then I have rates that apply to everywhere else. How do I create an "Everywhere Else" category for my country category. I've attached what I have so far.

Answer: Simply put a * into the Country column and you will filter by all. As the method runs on a best match basis, you do not need to worry about your USA,MEX,CAN being overrun.

Also have a look at Country Codes in Magento. This will give you information about valid country codes in Magento.

Upgrading From Shipping Override To Shipping Override II

We have release a heavily revised version of Shipping Override which is now shipped instead of the original.

If shipping override is working for you there is no need to upgrade, however if you do require this update you will need to follow these instructions:

  • Disable cache.
  • Remove all files under app/code/local/webshopapps/shippingoverride
  • Remove app/etc/modules/Webshopapps_Shippingoverride.xml
  • Install Shipping Override2 as per the extension instructions in the docs directory.

Uninstalling Shipping Override

Before doing anything, it is imperative you create a full backup of both your database and Magento install.
We can't be held responsible for any loss of data or profit.


Remove files from:

Magento Install/app/code/local/webshopapps/shippingoverride/*

Magento Install/app/code/etc/modules/Webshipapps_shippingoverride.xml

Now you will need to remove the database entries using phpMyAdmin or similar:

Remove the table 'shippingoverride' or 'shippingoverride2' depending on your version

Open a SQL prompt window and run:

  • Run SELECT * FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE "shipping/shippingover%";
  • Ensure values returned look correct (if in doubt be careful and seek further advice!)
  • Run DELETE FROM core_config_data WHERE path like "shipping/shippingover%";
  • Run SELECT * FROM core_resource WHERE code LIKE "shippingover%";
  • Again, Ensure the value looks correct.
  • Run DELETE FROM core_resource WHERE code LIKE "shippingover%";
The Extension is now totally uninstalled.

Add A Per Item Charge Or A Flat Rate Charge

Shipping override gives you the option to totally override a shipping cost or to apply surcharges to the original charge. It's possible to apply these charges on a per order basis or a per item basis depending on your individual needs. This is easily achievable by using the algorithm field like so:

  • Per Item - add "ITEM" to the rule in the algorithm field. This disregards the original UPS rate and adds your custom cost for every item that matches the rule on this row.
  • Per Order - add "ORDER" to the rule in the algorithm field. This disregards the original UPS rate and uses your custom flat rate.
  • Per Item Surcharge - add "SURCHARGE_ITEM". This preserves the original UPS rate adds your custom rate to the UPS rate for every item that is added that matches this rule.
  • Per Order Surcharge - add "SURCHARGE_ORDER". This preserves the original UPS rate and adds a custom flat rate surcharge to the UPS rate.

This is assuming UPS is your carrier of choice, the extension is compatible with ANY shipping method.