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UPS Zones



This shipping extension is a csv based solution that will lookup via the UPS API the zone a zipcode belongs to then filter based on the delivery types (e.g. Ground) and zone codes returned.

The advantage of this over say Matrixrate is that the size of the csv file is likely to be greatly reduced.

The diagram below shows in brief how the extension works by first retrieving the zone from UPS, then looking up this zone in the shipping table.

The csv file will also allow you to filter based on price, weight, #items or price & weight combined.

The following additional capabilities are present within this extension:

  1. Completely csv driven, no coding required to change prices, add rates, etc.

  2. Allows multiple postage rates to be displayed

  3. To be able to specify an upper and lower boundary for price, weight, or item vs destination rates

  4. Support for multiple zones on single line

  5. Ability to change sort order out rates output

  6. Google Checkout compatibility

  7. Ability to calculate shipping on Cart prices including tax

The management of shipping rates is done via a csv file, which is uploaded to the database. Shipping calculations are then done via sql searches, providing efficient results.

Interested in this extension?

Head over to our landing page for UPS Zone Based Tablerates today !