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  • Extension installation instructions «HERE» 

  • Within 'ConfigurationShipping Methods' you should have a shipping method available called "UPS Zone Matrix Rates" 

Shipping Method Configuration

  1. Open Magento Admin 

  2. Navigate to “Configuration?Shipping Methods” 

  3. Enable the shipping method 

  4. Select the ‘Condition’ you require. – ensure you have set correctly – if in doubt set to Price & Weight vs Destination 

  5. Enter USPS User ID

  6. Save Config

Table Configuration

UPS Zone Matrix rates is controlled by a combination of the shipping method configuration and a csv file.

In order to set up the csv file it is necessary to understand the various criteria you have control over. Many of these may be irrelevant to you, if so use the defaults suggested.

Firstly you need to decide what condition you need to base your shipping on. This is set within the shipping method configuration. Your options are:



#Items vs Destination

#

Price & Weight vs Destination

A combination of weight and price of

So, for instance, if you need to charge more when the cart total is <$50 and weight is >30lb you are looking at the “Price & Weight vs Destination” option.

CSV Columns

Here are the fields required in the csv file:

Field Name


Default to catch all


UPS Zone this shipping rate applies to. Multiple zones can be present on a single row (e.g. “002,003”)


Condition from

Starting condition at which this shipping rate applies, can be either #items or weight depending on condition value in shipping method configuration


Condition to

Ending condition at which this shipping rate applies, can be either #items or weight depending on condition value in shipping method configuration


Price from

Starting price or #items at which this shipping rate applies – only relevant if condition is set to “Price & Weight vs Destination”


Price to

Ending price or #items at which this shipping rate applies – only relevant if condition is set to “Price & Weight vs Destination”


Delivery Type

The shipping description. This must match what is returned from UPS. The full set of available descriptions is shown below.


Sort order

Defines order of rate output , from lowest to highest. Default is “*” for lowest->highest price


UPS Zones & Delivery Types 

UPS returns a combination of zone and shipping code. To see these look at the website «HERE»

The zones are based on both your origin and destination address. The origin address is set in System->Configuration->Shipping Settings. It is important this is set correctly else you will receive incorrect zones and it may confuse you.

When a zipcode is passed to the UPS API it will look up the zones and the available delivery types. These can be zero or more from the following list:

  • Next Day Air Early AM
  • Next Day Air Early AM Letter
  • Next Day Air 
  • Next Day Air Letter 
  • Next Day Air Intra (Puerto Rico) 
  • Next Day Air Saver 
  • Next Day Air Saver Letter 
  • 2nd Day Air AM 
  • 2nd Day Air AM Letter 
  • 2nd Day Air 
  • 2nd Day Air Letter 
  • 3 Day Select 
  • Ground 
  • Ground Commercial 
  • Ground Residential 
  • Canada Standard 
  • Worldwide Express 
  • Worldwide Express Saver 
  • Worldwide Express Letter 
  • Worldwide Express Plus 
  • Worldwide Express Plus Letter 
  • Worldwide Expedited 

Additional Configuration Options

The following additional configuration is possible with Premium Matrix Rate:

  • Ability to calculate shipping based on tax inclusive cart price

  • Ability to allow custom sorting on shipping rate (default is lowest->highest price)

  • Global Free Shipping Minimum order amount (also able to configure this on a per zone/weight/price basis within the csv file)

  • Option to change error message output when no rates found (or not display any at all)

  • Option to add a handling fee

This is all managed within the shipping method configuration.

Google Checkout Setup and Integration

This section details how to setup Premium Matrixrate for Google Checkout.


I would firstly advise that you ensure Google Checkout is configured correctly for another shipping method such as Magento flat rate. If you cannot get flat rate to show up in Google Checkout then you will not be able to get this extension. There are several things that may affect rates showing including:

  1. Lack of SSL certificate, or invalid SSL confguration – Google Checkout relies on SSL being in place on the frontend when it makes the callback to get the shipping rates

  2. Incorrect Google Checkout configuration in Magento – please ensure Secure Callback URL is set to YES

  3. Incorrect Google Checkout configuration in Google Checkout


To setup Google Checkout with UPS Zone Matrix Rates follow these steps:

  1. Switch of cache (just to be on safe side)

  2. Upload your csv file into the Premium Matrixrate shipping method

  3. In Google API Enable Google Checkout Shipping

  4. Select all the methods you wish to make available to Google Checkout – you must make sure at least one shipping method will match by default e.g. Worldwide $50


  1. Set default prices. If you don't do this and for any reason it can't get a rate shipping will default to 0 which is probably not a great idea

  2. Save Config

  3. Test functionality in frontend

Installation Validation

If you wish to validate the install has succeeded updating the database look for the table shipping_upszones.

If you are not getting any shipping rates out check the following:

  1. Do you have data in shipping_upszones which matches your expectations?

  2. Is the condition_name set correctly for your requirements before uploading csv?

  3. Do you have correct weights setup if using weight filtering (it's not so intelligent it can tell the difference between an ounce and a pound, you control this!)?

  4. Have you enabled the extension and refreshed the cache!

  5. Switch on SystemDeveloperLog Settings and then view the log file /var/log/system.log. This will output the request sent to UPS and the resulting zones found. This is also useful in setting up the csv file if you are unsure as to zones available


  1. Does not currently support exporting of csv rates. To observe these rates please use the database directly (see table shipping_upszones).

  2. The csv import is taken from magento tablerate code and could be improved. In particular if the csv fails to upload sometimes you will not be notified of this. If you are not getting shipping rates out then please check the table shipping_premiummatrixrate to see if data was uploaded. If it was not you have an invalid csv file. The most common issue seen is that strings do not have quotes round them, which can cause issues in upload – I have seen problems when MS Excel is used to generate the csv file (as discussed by Magento on their tablerates documentation). If in doubt please consult the examples

This extension is based on Matrixrate, which has been around since Oct 08 and is highly stable. The Google Checkout/Magento code is, in my opinion, quite a flaky piece of code, and Premium Matrix rate is sitting on top of this for the Google Checkout integration. So although I am confident in the extension I do not have total confidence in GC/Magento!