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Serial Keys


When you purchase a WebShopApps extension you usually get sent serial keys which are specific to the domains you have entered in the checkout.  If you are not sent serial keys you can ignore this section.
Serial keys are produced for licensing purposes, the extension will only work on the domains you have serial keys for.
By definition then if you have invalid serial keys the extension will not work. This will result in either no rates being returned, or no effect on existing functionality.

Please - Test you have entered the correct domains using the procedure below if you are having serial key issues. If the serial key is invalid it will be deleted from the extension configuration. See below for details.



Retrieving the server name

 When you make an order with us, you are asked for your live and test domains. These are most commonly your actual domain names, e.g. , However, this may not always be the case. 

For licensing we need the webserver server name.  You can find this by echo'ing the PHP variable $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].

  1. Upload this script to the base directory of each magento website for your magento install. It is not enough to do just for the base installation.
  2. Go to your web browser and execute the script. E.g.
  3. Email us this information exactly as it is portrayed along with your order number and the name of the extension you have purchased.

Test your serial key

The first step is to test the serial key. This should be done for all stores you have. Follow these instructions
  1. Navigate to Admin > System > Configuration > Shipping Settings (or the appropriate configuration page for your extension, E.g Shipping Methods/Payment Methods)
  2. Enable the webshopapps extension
  3. Enter the serial key as detailed in your webshopapps order (make sure you use live/test as appropriate)

    • If you have multiple serial keys on multiple stores, change `configuration scope` to those stores and override the `use default` with the key you have for that store and `save config`.

  4. Save Configuration
  5. On frontend add a product to the cart
  6. Attempt to get a quote from the shipping estimator on cart page (or get shipping rates via checkout)
  7. Reload the Shipping Settings page
  8. If the serial key has been reset to be empty then it is invalid

If you find the serial key to be invalid please check your server_name in phpinfo(). 

If you are still unable to resolve or believe you have an invalid serial key, please raise a support ticket via your account dashboard on our website. To speed up resolution we need:

  2. FTP Access
  3. Admin Access
  4. Order Number
If you do receive new serial keys then go through Testing Your Key again.

Multiple websites or domains

If you are running multiple domains from one Magento installation, you only need a valid serial for the first site that you test. Once a serial key has been validated it will work on all domains on that Magento instance.
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Oct 12, 2010, 8:51 AM