Instructions on serial keys for acquiring your server name prior to purchase. One license is limited to one Magento instance, one configuration and up to 4 domain names.
Only one live domain name is supported. The serial key will work for all domains under this magento instance.

Disclaimer & Liability

All our extensions are provided “AS IS” and WITHOUT WARRANTY.

Under no circumstances and under no legal theory is the licensee liable to anyone for any damages or any adverse effects (including any loss of profits/saving, or incidental or consequential) caused to you, your information and your business arising out of the use or inability to use this Software. No responsibility can be taken for any adverse effects installation or advice may cause.

You are strongly advised to not upload directly to a live server without testing. It is recommended you install on a test server initially to carry out your own thorough testing and also to take backups of your installation including database prior to installation.

VAT/Sales Tax

Why have we added VAT for certain customers now?

From the 1st December 2010 WebShopApps has become VAT registered. This means that all UK customers and those EU customers without a VAT number will be charged the UK VAT rate of 20%.

The VAT will not be shown on the product pages but will be charged on the check out page if appropriate for customer.

Please see summary below:

Customer invoice address

VAT charged (at this source)



European (without VAT no)


European business (with VAT no)


Rest of world


What changes will I see?

  • If you are a UK customer you will see VAT being added to your cart at the check out page.

  • If you are a EU customer you will see VAT being added to your cart at the check out page unless you enter a valid VAT number, in which case VAT will be removed from your purchases automatically.

  • If you are a 'rest of world' customer you will see no change with no VAT being added to products.

Who should I contact with any problems or questions?

Any questions at all please contact sales and we will try and solve them as quickly as we can