Troubleshooting Overview

Installation Issues

If you are seeing issues with the extension after installation or the extension is not showing up then you have more then likely not installed correctly.

Instructions for installing your extension

See our FAQ for common installation troubleshooting questions

If you are still seeing problems then you may have configuration issues – see below for some of the common errors we encounter.

Common Errors

  1. Extension Conflicts

  2. Serial Keys

  3. Attributes have been left un-defined

  4. CSV Table Configuration errors

Product Matrix

If you are having difficulty setting up Product Matrix then try the Walkthrough


There is a wealth of extension specific information on our wiki – just navigate to your particular extension to find set-up information and configuration examples.

We thoroughly test all our extensions and are confident that there are no major bugs; the majority of all issues encountered will be related to the set-up or configuration of your extension.

Disable Extension

If you have been unable to resolve any extension problems then try disabling the extension until we are able to get back to you. To do this rename the relevant extension .xml file in app/etc/modules to be non-xml e.g. Webshopapps_ProductMatrix.xml.disable

Further information can be found here

If you can always try to disable to extension in the admin panel first but if you are still unable to resolve the situation or there are still problems with the site, try to uninstall the extension completely. 

If after uninstalling the extension you are still experiencing issues then this indicates that something else is affecting the Magento instance.

What to do next

Drop us a mail detailing the issue you are having and inform us of the current status you are in. We will get back to you as soon as possible.