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In most cases installation and configuration of our extensions is a seamless process that can be completed by the individual with little effort. There are however ocassions when people encounter difficulties. There are usually 3 main reasons for this:
  1. Incorrect Installation
  2. Incorrect Configuration
  3. Extension Conflict with other code on the site
1&2 are by far the most common issue we see. Extension conflicts tend to be rare with our extensions, though they can occur. We have tools to assist with diagnosing extension conflicts, see section below.
When you have issues there are various tools that can help you diagnose the problem and then resolve:
  1. Our Most Common List of extension issues
  2. Our Error Code List below - check this for your particular error
  3. Our WebShopApps Logger which will provide diagnostic information to help you isolate the issue

Common Reasons for Extension Issues

Here is a list of the most common reasons we see for an extension not working:



 Incorrect serial key

 No rates returned

 Uploaded to wrong location

 Cant see extension in admin

 SQL Failed

 Cant upload csv, or see attributes

 Incorrect Magento Version

 Error on install on frontend

 Indexes not refreshed

 Can't save product listing

 Incompatible version

 Fatal Error crashing cart

 Extension Conflict

 White screen, half page showing

 Missing files

 Fatal error about missing WsaCommon or Wsalogger files


Error Code List

Go through the problems in this list and see which one best refers to your scenario. Most problems found are shown here, we have seen the lot!

Installation Related Issues


 Problem  Resolution (click link for further info)


 When extracting zip asks for password

 Directory structure is too long, extract under C:\temp


 Unknown Column 'Used_In_Product_Listing' in 'Field List'

 Extension is not compatible with this Magento version


 Installation results in error report or white screen on frontend

 SQL has not run successfully, or you are missing code


 Specified Key Wsa Too Long; Max Key Length is 1000 Bytes

 SQL error specific to certain MySQL installations


 Extension not showing in admin panel

 Either incorrectly installed, or cache not refreshed


 Open_Basedir Restriction in effect

 Invalid permissions in php.ini, cannot run SQL


 Call to a member function toOptionArray() on a non-object

 You have not recompiled


 Blank screen when navigating in admin

 You have not recompiled


 Extension Configuration Issues

Code  Problem  Resolution (click link for further info)


 Unknown Column 'e.Some Attribute' in 'Field List'

 Indexes have not been refreshed


 Unable to save Product listing

 Indexes have not been refreshed


 Unable to upload CSV - Base Table or View Not Found

 SQL installation script has not run


 Missing expected attributes e.g. shipping group from attributes panel

 Attribute sets not setup correctly


 No Shipping Tab in Product Listing

 Attribute sets not setup correctly


CSV Related Issues

Code  Problem  Resolution (click link for further info)


 CSV Upload failing, using a MAC (No Rates Showing)

 CSV's must be saved as Windows File Type (known Excel bug)


 Undefined offset on upload

 Incorrectly formatted csv file


 Duplicate row error on csv upload

 Same shipping rates & filters declared twice


 No import button to upload csv file

 Need to change to Website Configuration Scope


 Post/Zip code filtering not working

 Incorrectly setup in csv and/or settings


 Exporting the CSV file

 Locate Backup or Export CSV through phpMyAdmin


 CSV Upload failing, not using a MAC. (No Rates Showing)

 Save in UTF-8 Format



Extension Not Working as Expected


 Problem  Resolution (click link for further info)


 Invalid Serial Key

 The serial key is not valid for this domain


 'Invalid Model for Shipping Method: Matrixrate'

 Known magento bug, when uninstalling doesnt clear out all db fields


 Invoice being cut off half way down

 Known magento bug, when uninstalling doesnt clear out all db fields


 CSV Upload failing, using a MAC


 CSV's must be saved as Windows File Type (known Excel bug)


 Returning $0.00 as shipping rate instead of those defined

 Incorrectly formatted csv


 Free Shipping Promotions not working

 Free Shipping Setup & Troubleshooting


Dropship Specific Issues


 Problem  Resolution (click link for further info)


 Unable to save Product listing, needs a warehouse

 No warehouses have been setup, these are always required


Extension Conflicts

When one or more of your extensions are in conflict, they will not function as intended or will not function at all often producing just a blank page.

  • The easiest way to identify which extensions are in conflict is to use the extension conflict tool which can be found below

Once you have found out which extensions are conflicting you will need to change the conflicting file of one extension (lets call it A) to inherit from the other extension (lets call it B).

So originally where you may have had something like:

  • class A_Extension_Model_Type_Onepage extends Mage_Checkout_Model_Type_Onepage

You would change it to:

  • class A_Extension_Model_Type_Onepage extends B_Extension_Model_Type_Onepage

Once you have done this you need to change extension B config.xml file commenting out the conflicting "<rewrite>" blocks that are now inheriting from A.

You will also need to identify any conflicting phtml files and merge the files into one phtml file incorporating all of the functionality of the multiple files. This means you will also have to edit any related layout xml files to point to the new merged phtml file.

Extension Conflict Tool

We have developed a version of MDNs extension conflict tool which is compatible with PHP5.3 / Magento Enterprise 1.8.

Please find it attached. The original version of this extension is available here

Note: We do offer a conflict resolution service which is charged at an hourly rate. It is not provided as a free service with any extension purchase.


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