Google Checkout Integration


Please follow the guide on the Magento Wiki for Google Checkout before looking at this guide. It is more comprehensive.


This section details how to setup Google Checkout.

Note: Please only use this for advised shipping methods.


I would firstly advise that you ensure Google Checkout is configured correctly for another shipping method such as Magento flat rate. If you cannot get flat rate to show up in Google Checkout then you will not be able to get your extension to either. There are several things that may affect rates showing including:

  1. Lack of SSL certificate, or invalid SSL configuration – Google Checkout relies on SSL being in place on the frontend when it makes the callback to get the shipping rates

  2. Incorrect Google Checkout configuration in Magento – please ensure Secure Callback URL is set to YES

  3. Incorrect Google Checkout configuration in Google Checkout

If you need personalised support to get Google Checkout running I do offer this as a service. Contact me for pricing. I cannot do this as part of the standard extension as I hope you understand it is quite time consuming to deal with.


To setup Google Checkout follow these steps:

  1. Switch of cache (just to be safe)

  2. Upload your CSV file into the shipping method you are using

  3. In Google API Enable Google Checkout Shipping

  4. Select all the methods you wish to make available to Google Checkout – you must make sure at least one shipping method will match by default e.g. Worldwide $50


  1. Set default prices. If you don't do this and for any reason it can't get a rate shipping will default to 0 which is probably not a great idea

  2. Save Config

  3. Test functionality in frontend

Installation Validations

If you wish to validate that the installation has succeeded updating the database look for the table “shipping_your-extension-name”. If you are not getting any shipping rates check the following:
  1. Do you have data in shipping_your-extension-name which matches your expectations?

  2. Is the condition_name set correctly for your requirements before uploading CSV (e.g. package_weight for weight filtering) if applicable?

  3. Do you have correct weights setup if using weight filtering (it's not so intelligent it can tell the difference between an ounce and a pound, you control this)?

  4. Have you enabled the extension and refreshed the cache?


  1. Does not currently support exporting of CSV rates. To observe these rates please use the database directly (see table shipping_your-extension-name)

  2. The CSV import is taken from Magento table rate code and could be improved. In particular if the CSV fails to upload sometimes you will not be notified of this. If you are not getting shipping rates out then please check the table shipping_your-extension-name to see if data was uploaded. If it was not you have an invalid CSV file. The most common issue seen is that strings do not have quotes round them, which can cause issues in upload – I have seen problems when MS Excel is used to generate the CSV file (as discussed by Magento on their table rates documentation). If in doubt please consult the examples.

The Google Checkout/Magento code is, in my opinion, quite a flaky piece of code, and your extension is sitting on top of this for the Google Checkout integration. So although I am confident in the extension I do not have total confidence in Google Checkout/Magento!